How do I Learn Blockchain Technology at Home?

This article is dedicated to those professionals who are unsure of how to begin learning blockchain technology at home. Read on to find out!

The way in which conventional transactions are made is continually being revised by new technologies. Today, we come across many technology-enabled businesses that can carry out transactions more easily than they otherwise may have been able to. Digital transformation is, indeed, the finest illustration of how such technologies can assist businesses.

Blockchain is one of the significant innovative technologies that excels in achieving this purpose. It can be used by organizations to change their traditional business processes like accounting and bookkeeping. Further, it can help in areas like cost-effectiveness and optimal use of resources. 

The time when blockchain technology established a strong reputation dates back to 2009 when the virtual currency named Bitcoin was launched. Though it started with the finance industry, the areas of application for blockchain technology have been expanding in other industries as well. This trend led to the generation of significant demand for the position of a certified specialist in Blockchain. Given the bright future prospects of blockchain technology, many individuals are now seeking Blockchain courses to establish a strong foundation in this domain. 

Learning Blockchain Technology at Home 

Thanks to online learning, people can now continue their education remotely, even from the comfort of their homes. Video conferencing applications have allowed classes to be conducted virtually, where a mentor can explain the topic, and various students can join the class to learn it, just like in a physical classroom.

Attending such online classes requires a computer system connected to the internet. When it comes to the study materials, they are available on the Learning Management System (LMS) of the training provider. This LMS is usually cloud-based so that the students can access their course materials anytime, anywhere. 

Talking specifically about Blockchain, some reliable training providers like Simplilearn, Coursera, Udacity, and LinkedIn Learning offer good online courses on this technology. You can explore a wide range of courses based on blockchain technology and some short-term and other long-term training programs.

If you just want to get the blockchain basics right, these platforms offer an introductory course that you can access for free. After enrolling in a free course, if you are satisfied with the course content, you can also upgrade to their paid courses, which will involve the intermediate and advanced concepts in blockchain and help you become a blockchain specialist. 


A good Blockchain course will first cover the fundamentals of this technology and make you familiar with the key concepts of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, Ethereum, data integrity, trust models, and more. You will also get a clear idea of the top applications of Blockchain technology in various business verticals. 

Next, it will help you study intermediate concepts like Blockchain architecture, consensus, hashes, and transactions. You will understand what smart contracts are all about and dive into the concepts of Hyperledger. You will develop the skillset for designing and implementing smart contracts and methods for developing decentralized applications on the blockchain. Further, you will also have sound knowledge about the ongoing specific industry-wide blockchain frameworks. 

Practical Exposure

This is one area where university courses or physical classroom training is lacking. Online training providers, on the other hand, focus more on applied learning and try to impart the skills that employers actually seek, something that goes beyond theoretical knowledge.

These days, online training providers incorporate integrated virtual labs where students can practice what they learn. They are usually assigned an industry project that involves a real-world business problem.

Using the blockchain concepts taught during virtual classes, individuals need to identify the best possible solution for the given problem. When doing so, they also use popular Blockchain tools like Solidity, Mist, Geth, Remix, Solc, Truffle, and Metamask. Note that, a specific course may not include all the tools but cover at least some of them. 

Are There Any Other Options in Learning Blockchain Technology at Home?

Yes, you may be convinced about taking an online course if you want to learn blockchain technology at home. However, is it not good to know your options well before making the final decision? Well, apart from enrolling in an online training course, you can refer to some blogs, online text tutorials, attend webinars by Blockchain experts, follow Blockchain technology influencers, or watch YouTube videos.  

Here is the list of top blockchain blogs to follow:

If you are someone who loves reading books, then here are some of the good ones to check out:

  • The Basics of Bitcoins and Blockchains by Antony Lewis
  • Blockchain Basics: A Non-Technical Introduction in 25 Steps by Daniel Drescher
  • 5. The Truth Machine: The Blockchain and the Future of Everything by Michael J. Casey and Paul Vigna
  • Blockchain Revolution by Don and Alex Tapscott
  • The Blockchain Developer by Elad Elrom

Now that you have got a clear idea about learning blockchain technology at home, pick the right channel and start a career in blockchain. The field is going to remain in high demand in the future, and you can achieve new heights by investing your time in learning blockchain technology at home. 

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