Maintaining an Online Presence Takes More than a Flashy Website

Create a website. Host a blog. Have some type of digital presence. That’s the advice we hear from business owners, marketers, and tech experts the world over. With people more connected to the internet than ever, anyone that wants to have their voice heard, product noticed, or just generally up their profile needs to be online.

But, when you get into it, building a website is just the start. Yes, there are plenty of guides on how to build the perfect website and, thanks to companies like Square Space or even WordPress, you don’t need to be an expert to get started.

However, there is a difference between building a website and running one. Think of it as planting a seed. Anyone can put a seed in some soil and add an initial drop of water. However, if you stop there, the flower won’t grow. Then, even if by some miracle something does appear, it won’t stay alive for very long unless you tend to it.

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A website is much the same, particularly in a time when smartphones have improved our access to the internet and, in turn, the amount of time we spend online. In other words, people are more demanding than they once were.

Treat Your Website Like a Flower

Treat Your Website Like a Flower
Treat Your Website Like a Flower


Poorly managed sites, those that are under-optimized or tired-looking interfaces won’t attract users. If you don’t get a hold over these issues, people won’t visit your site and, just like an unloved flower, it will wither away. To avoid getting lost in the ether, the first thing you need to do is find ways to manage your website.

WordPress has a number of inbuilt management tools, including visitor statistics and keyword optimization. However, you can also use specific management programs like Imagen that give you ways to control and organize your content efficiently.

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Once your website gains popularity and storing user and/or site data becomes important, you’ll need a database performance monitor. SolarWinds MongoDB Monitoring Tool allows you to monitor data flow in real-time and review the performance of your site, as well as any security vulnerabilities.

It also provides automatic profiling options, something that allows you to identify and then target the type of users your site is attracting. By having control over the data flowing through your site, you stand a better chance of seeing what works, what doesn’t, and where you can make improvements.

You Must Go Mobile

You Must Go Mobile
You Must Go Mobile


Once you can monitor and manage your site, another important consideration is mobile use. WARC estimates that over 50% of the world’s 3.9 billion smartphone users now only access the internet via their mobiles.

In fact, once 5G becomes the norm, the World Advertising Research Center (WARC) estimates that almost 73% of people will only use their smartphones for accessing the internet. In reality, you should build a website with mobiles in mind. However, if you haven’t, there are ways to optimize for mobile use.

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Streamlining is crucial, as is white space. Don’t have too many page elements and don’t be afraid to leave gaps. Allow users to tap and swipe their way through the site. Finally, don’t forget about social media. Integrate links to Instagram, Facebook, et al.

The beauty of smartphones is that they offer instant access to a world of connected options. Your website needs to slot into this dynamic in order to remain relevant. Of course, there are more subtle nuances, tips, and tricks you can use to enhance your presence online. However, the important takeaways here are management and mobile optimization. Keep these in mind and you’ll have a better chance of making a mark on the internet.

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