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Manychat vs. Intercom comparison – Greatest advantages of each chat platform at a glance

Rapid advance of chatbot technology has triggered more intense competition in the market, with several brands offering relatively similar products. The users have many options at their disposal now, so choosing between them could be difficult without more detailed information about the exact features and conditions associated with each chatbot brand.

In this article, we directly compare the advantages and shortcomings of Intercom and ManyChat, two of the more popular messaging tools, and provide our final recommendation based on the totality of the facts.

Main reasons to choose ManyChat

ManyChat is a name that has recently attracted a lot of attention in the industry, as this dynamic and easy-to-use platform offers some unique benefits. This bot-building software supports the creation of AI-driven modules programmed to maintain conversations in natural language and segment users based on their demographics as well as online actions.

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Most importantly, ManyChat allows for easy integration of bots with social media platforms like Instagram or WhatsApp, which are increasingly becoming a dominant channel for lead generation and product launches. Not surprisingly, this positions ManyChat as a cutting-edge tool for marketing and sales promotions and makes it popular among companies that primarily interact with new customers online.

Another factor that facilitates faster adoption of this tool is affordability, with a trial version available for free and reasonably priced commercial licenses.

“More people use social messaging apps than social media on a daily basis, by using a social messaging bot, you are making it easier for that individual to have a seamless experience.

The history of the conversation is saved and can be continued at any time. The logic and options available within Messenger means brands can create very powerful marketing funnels.

Anyone who engages with your bot gets added to your contact list,  you can segment and re-engage your audiences using Facebook’s powerful ad tools which are not something you can easily do with traditional real-time chat solutions such as Intercom. It’s ideal for large brands and ambitious start-ups, when done right it can transform marketing and customer support efforts.” Explained Ryan Dearlove, Director at Chit Chat Agency, a ManyChat expert partner agency.

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Key advantages in favour of Intercom

Those familiar with the industry recognise Intercom as one of the most established brands in the chatbot niche. Its products are renowned for powerful AI capacities and excellent voice assistant technology, which are indispensable for modern bots. Its analytic package is also considered to be very strong and provides a lot of possibilities for experimentation with messages, target groups, and channels.

Intercom supports basic conversational features and is flexible for implementation, so chatbots made with this platform can be used across many different online properties. Live chat capacities are probably the strongest argument for picking Intercom as your primary bot builder, and this feature facilitates a high rate of adoption among customers looking for a quick way to become more responsive and agile in customer interactions.

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Direct comparison and verdict: Which chatbot tool is better?

While both of those bot platforms can be effective conversational marketing drivers, the exact range of applications they are suitable for slightly differs.

ManyChat is optimal for smaller enterprises with ambitious business plans that are prioritizing growth and sales. On the other hand, Intercom is a better-known provider that has the advantage of familiarity and simplicity, and it remains a popular choice among small-to-medium companies from many different fields.

Still, it may be better equipped for customer support and similar duties than for spearheading promotional campaigns. The fact that ManyChat allows easy contact with users through social messaging could be the decisive factor for many users, as this channel is likely to become even more important in the near future.

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