Mobile security and VPNs – how are they connected?

Whether we like it or not, all of us store tons of personal and business data on our mobile devices. This is because mobile devices became an irreplaceable tool for organizing our work and private life. Simply, everything you have in your phone can be easily targeted and attacked by complete strangers and accessed by prying eyes. Thus, just like you worry about the security of your mobile device, you should also worry about the security of all the data you have in it. 

What is Mobile Security?

Mobile security is a hot topic nowadays. Why? Because all of us use mobile devices to communicate either something personal or something work-related. Both of those require storing sensitive data, which, if not secured properly, can be at a big risk. This is especially important for companies that practice mobile computing when managing international teams, and as such, are targets of attacks. These attacks aim to reach the data that can come from communication modes such as SMS (text messaging), MMS (multimedia messaging), GSM (global system for mobile communications), Bluetooth, and of course, from Wi-Fi. 

Any mobile device user can be subject to various threats when using their phone. In the last couple of years, the number of those threats rose significantly and severely affected mobile security as it disrupted the operation of the phone itself and allowed access to all the data to the ‘attacker’. 

Currently, the biggest threats come from Wi-Fi and the unsecured mobile phones are the first to be attacked. Yes, the age of technology allowed this, but, the age of technology did not come with risks only – it also came with solutions to the problems. In this case, the easiest thing you can do to ensure your mobile security is using a VPN or a virtual private network. 

What is VPN for Your Mobile Device? 

Since most of those previously mentioned threats come from Wi-Fi, you should consider using a VPN for protection. A VPN or a virtual private network gives you the ability to privately and securely connect to the Internet without worrying about the attackers. When using a VPN, all your data will be encrypted, and as such, things like credit card numbers, various passwords, and other sensitive information on your phone will be protected. 

Keep in mind that whenever you connect to a Wi-Fi network, things like your current location or your mobile’s unique ID number can be revealed too. Anyone who is even a bit tech-savvy could access your mobile device. So, whether you are using wireless or wired connections, or whether you are using your phone for personal or business reasons, keep in mind that you can be eavesdropped. 

How Does a VPN Work on Your Mobile Device? 

If you want to avoid all the threats mentioned above and ensure your mobile phone’s safety, make sure you use a VPN. They may seem complex, but their usage is quite simple. All you have to do is activate the VPN on your mobile device and let it do all the work, that is, let it protect your phone and your data. Whenever you want to connect to a network, you will be provided with a secure connection and a private network.

But, how does a VPN actually work on your mobile device? It does that by using several methods: 

  • Encryption – using a variety of encryption techniques, a VPN will mix up all your data so that the ‘attacker’ will not be able to read it. Everything that is either coming from your phone or going to it, will be concealed and isolated from other users using the same network. 
  • Remote Servers – these will send your data to some other VPN servers in other countries and thus maximize the protection of your anonymity. Basically, these remote servers act as ‘middlemen’, disguising, and protecting your data. Moreover, they are located all over the world and allow you to connect to the server, that is, to the location of your choice. 

Of course, there are other methods used as well, but these two play the most important roles. Together, they keep all your private information protected from being snatched and your cybersecurity on a maximum level. As a result, you get a much safer networking environment and a piece of mind as well. 

The Perks of Using a VPN for Your Mobile Security

We mentioned how a virtual private network works on your mobile phone – by using encryption and remote servers, among other things. These protect your various passwords, bank account information, social media, emails with sensitive contents, etc. However, using a VPN comes with some other perks as well. For example: 

  • Corporate data protection – Many people working away from their company’s internal network who have to access some sensitive data worry about cybersecurity for remote workers. Using a VPN provides peace of mind as it ensures your privacy and anonymity when working. There will be no risks of data leaks and eavesdropping since you will be connected to a private server and everything you do will be encrypted. 
  • Location Privacy – As mentioned earlier, when using a VPN, discovering your current location will be impossible, This is a great benefit for everybody worrying not only about their mobile safety but also about their own safety. 
  • Unlocking Region-restricted Web – In some countries like China and Korea, web traffic is restricted. This means that you can not access things you are used to like Facebook or YouTube, for example. So, if you plan on traveling to one of those areas, having a VPN on your mobile device will allow you to have access to any kind of content.
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