Most Watched Movies on DIRECTV via the Internet in 2023

As we stepped into a new era of connectivity and quality entertainment, the arrival of streaming services has completely changed how we interact with movies and television shows. DIRECTV has been a notable provider ruling the satellite television sector for years, and it has successfully navigated the uncharted waters of streaming services as well. 

DIRECTV Packages have completely changed our entertainment game from heart-pounding action blockbusters to poignant, heartwarming stories. They feature a variety of films that cover the gamut of human emotions. 


Most Watched Movies on DIRECTV via the Internet in 2023

Let’s talk about six of the most-watched movies on DIRECTV via the internet in 2023 that have left a mark on the film industry!


Shazam shines as a beacon of joy, amusement, and empowerment in the superhero universe. This entertaining but action-packed movie centers on a young man who learns he can become a powerful superhero by saying only one word. 

The movie Shazam connects with viewers by fusing thrilling action with comic charm as the main character deals with the responsibilities of his newly acquired powers. Its inclusion on the list of the most-watched movies on DIRECTV shows the enduring appeal of superhuman skills and the universal desire to develop one’s inner strength.

The Last of Us: A Journey Through Survival and Emotion

The Last of Us is a monument to the persevering human spirit in the face of adversity, combining aspects of action, emotion, and survival. Its appearance on the list of the most-watched movies with DIRECTV bundles says a lot about the appeal of immersive storytelling and the smooth translation of a popular video game to the big screen.

The Last of Us is a stirring post-apocalyptic movie that has won over the viewers’ hearts. This cinematic masterpiece, which is an adaptation of the acclaimed computer game, follows Joel and Ellie as they travel across a world that has been devastated by a deadly epidemic. 

Creed: A Champion’s Rise

We continue our list with Creed, a film that celebrates the determination, resolve, and the pursuit of greatness. Creed illustrates the resiliency of the human spirit and the emotional journey of a warrior seeking atonement through its compelling plot and gory battle scenes. 

The fact that the movie made it to DIRECTV’s list of the most watched shows how popular underdog stories are and the joy of triumph over all the odds. This sports drama explores Adonis Creed’s history as he enters the ring to defend his father’s name and forge his path.

Dungeons and Dragons: Unleashing Fantasy Worlds

This fantasy-adventure movie transports us to a world filled with fantastical creatures, dangerous dungeons, and daring explorers. Viewers are taken to a world where imagination knows no limitations as the characters overcome the difficulties of an otherworldly setting.

Dungeons and Dragons has captured the attention of DIRECTV’s viewers in a world where magic rules and thrilling journeys await. Dungeons and Dragons is a prime example of the allure of high-fantasy storytelling, luring viewers to dive into unknown realms and discover their inner heroes.


Plane transports us to the air and provides an exhilarating flight trip that piques our curiosity and spirit of exploration. Viewers are treated to stunning aerial sequences as a teenage pilot sets out on a risky quest to save a struggling airline, as well as a moving story of bravery and teamwork. 

The reason why Plane has made it to the Most Watched list of DIRECTV is the pull of adventure and our fascination with the sky’s seemingly endless horizons.


Last but not least, Fear immerses us in a psychologically suspenseful world where the lines between reality and illusion are hazy. Fear challenges viewers to examine their views and delve into the realm of the unknown as tension rises and secrets are revealed. 

Its placement on the list of the most-watched movies on DIRECTV demonstrates the enduring interest in psychological puzzles and the appeal of penetrating the depths of human awareness. This riveting thriller follows a protagonist affected by strange visions, and it takes an exciting look at dread, paranoia, and the intricate workings of the human mind.

Final Thoughts

By providing a range of genres and emotions, DIRECTV creates a bridge between conventional TV and the digital era. Going forward, storytelling’s ability to inspire and connect with audiences still significantly impacts the entertainment industry.

If DIRECTV is not available in your area for some reason, most of these movie and entertainment options are available with Spectrum deals as well, so do check it out for alternatives!

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