Steps To Open An Account And Use BoyleSports In South Africa

Gambling websites in every country have their specifics because companies need to follow the rules set by the regulators. However, there are also many similarities, especially in the process of using the actual gambling website.

For example, people who want to gamble online in South Africa and place bets in the UK or other parts of the world must sign up to use the site. That’s one of the reasons why you can find this detailed boylesports sign up guide, and if you follow all the steps, you will be able to open your new account right away. Needless to say, many people decide to do that because BoyleSports is one of South Africa’s biggest brands.

But what are the actual steps to open an account and use BoyleSports in South Africa? Well, we are about to find out.

Start by navigating to the BoyleSports website

One thing that everyone has to do before beginning the registration process is navigate to the operator’s website. It is important to know that you will be able to do that using any mobile or desktop browser. BoyleSports is very popular in many parts of the world because people can open accounts and use them on all devices.

BoyleSports website

Keep in mind that there might be a difference between the domain for South Africa and the one for other countries. That’s why a lot of people are accessing BoyleSports’s website by typing its name into Google.

The process itself

Once you are on BoyleSports’s website, the first thing to do is press the “Join” button. Once that happens, you will see a pop-up window where you must input different kinds of information. The data that you will be required to add includes a lot of things, but it starts with your cellphone number. Ensure you are entering the right one because this will allow you to receive a confirmation code you will need to input.

Once you’ve added the phone number, the subsequent steps are related to your personal information. You will also have to add your address, gender, date of birth, and a few other things.

Other things you will need to input include your ID/Passport number, email address, and more. Keep in mind that those things become available after you enter the confirmation code you will get via SMS, so it is very important to add a correct phone number.

What happens after you register?

People in South Africa who complete the registration process at BoyleSports will have the opportunity to use the site’s services. A quick look at the available sections and bonuses will reveal that this site is better than the rest of what’s available in South Africa.

With that said, users wishing to avoid all possible problems while gambling on this operator should also verify their account. This process is specific to the South African gaming suppliers because the local authorities demand it, and it is called FICA Boylesports.

To verify your account, the company will request you send a copy of an ID card issued in South Africa. Users with ID cards from other countries will probably have to contact the customer support team because the system may not recognize them. Besides an ID card, you may also send a copy of your driver’s license or passport.

Besides proving your identity, this operator also wants to know if your address is real. You can prove that by sending a bank statement or by providing a copy of a given utility bill. 

Usually, this process takes around a couple of days, and the operator will contact you if it needs any more information.

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