ProductivityBenefits of using video interviewing software

Benefits of using video interviewing software

This article discusses how video interviews have revolutionized the hiring process, highlighting benefits such as time efficiency, reduced scheduling complexities, improved candidate assessment, enhanced consistency, and a better candidate experience.

Optimizing Hiring Efficiency With Video Interviews in Modern Recruitment
Optimizing Hiring Efficiency With Video Interviews in Modern Recruitment

The hiring process is a core responsibility of the human resources division. Selecting the best candidate with the required credentials, experience, and personality is a crucial phase in this process and calls for careful planning and evaluation. Before new hires can start working for a company, the HR department must collect and review resumes, conduct interviews, choose individuals, and onboard them.

However, nearly every business readjusted how it functioned after COVID-19, and now everything is done online and remotely. Nowadays, video interviews are used by HR departments to find candidates as opposed to the traditional application process. Technology has greatly expedited the hiring process, improving the experience for both the interviewer and the job applicant. Video interview software eliminates many additional employment hassles, while interview scheduling solutions might help to reduce the back-and-forth fight.

As hiring experts like you recognize the Virtual interview advantage, video interviews have become more and more popular amongst businesses of all sizes. They streamline the hiring process and are especially helpful in the early phases of prospect screening, saving time and resources. Of course, each business and employment division has specific requirements.

Find out the benefits of video interviewing software that could completely transform your hiring procedure:

1. Video interviews Reduce phone screens

Via video interviews, you may evaluate candidates’ suitability for your job role. The time commitment and scheduling difficulties associated with phone screens are two major advantages of video interviews. By employing one-way video interviewing software to screen prospects, you can cut down on time commitment and scheduling issues that come with phone interviews. Pre-recorded videos enable you to supply the questions you need candidates to answer so you can decide whether to watch the entire thing or quit after the first few minutes. It’s possible that you will know within the first five minutes whether a certain prospect is a suitable fit.

2. Video interviews Reduce the burden of scheduling

You can find yourself exchanging emails back and forth for days or even weeks trying to find a time that works for everyone when you’re attempting to get 20 prospects in for face-to-face interviews. You then have to juggle all of the interview slots and arrange for hiring managers to observe interviews. This takes up time and is difficult for both you and the candidates. Candidates respond to one-way video interview questions which is convenient for them, and it greatly reduces the stress connected to this part of the hiring process. When candidates have responded, hiring managers and their teams analyze the video submissions at a time that works for everyone’s schedules. 

It doesn’t matter if the schedules never match. Anybody on your team can leave notes about the interview and assess candidates at any time, which facilitates teamwork. From there, if the candidate’s video interview responses call for more discussion, they can either plan a live video interview or meet with them in person. In order to spend more important time with the most qualified candidates before hiring, more candidates can be evaluated in less time.

3. Customize the style of your job description.

Use films in your recruitment marketing campaign to provide prospects with a deeper understanding of your company’s culture and the qualities hiring managers are searching for. Instead of a formal job description, record the hiring manager outlining the position and upload a quick video to your social media accounts. If the job requires extensive teamwork, videotape members of the team as they describe a typical day to produce a day-in-the-life style video.

4. Gives additional information which helps in making big decisions.

People in charge of hiring rapidly learn how expensive it is to do so, especially when working with remote talent. You may need to pay for airfare, lodging, and meals if you wish to interview these experts. Companies that use video interviewing technologies do away with the exorbitant costs frequently connected with early hiring. You can ask prospective candidates who reside elsewhere in the world to take part in video interviews if you have your eye on them. There’s no need to spend money on a ticket and a hotel to learn more about them.

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5. Video interviews Software Enhances performance monitoring

With video interviews, HR managers can successfully identify top performers. Thanks to video interview platforms, they may observe and analyze a candidate’s body language, their responses to similar questions, and the location where the interview was recorded. This data can be used by managers to identify top prospects. For instance, if all of the candidates show the same skills, interests, and knowledge, you might not choose any of them based on their resumes. However, a video interview can give insight into their personality, which can help you make the best choice for your team. You can also compare the video screenings of different candidates to decide who will work best for your company.

6. Improve the consistency of your interviews

Even when a hiring manager makes an effort to evaluate candidates by using the same questions, it can be easy to overlook something important or get off course. Each professional has a unique interviewing style. Choosing a candidate who is the best match for the position can be difficult when the interviewing process lacks consistency. Video interview technology makes this problem obsolete by standardizing the questions candidates receive When it comes time to make a decision, you only have the candidates’ answers to the predefined questions that you set for them. Also, you have a single record of the responses, ensuring a consistent recruiting process for all parties.

7. Enhanced candidate experience

Even if someone isn’t actively looking for work, they might be receptive to a new career opportunity if the pay, benefits, and other factors are favorable. However, they might decide it’s too inconvenient and decide not to pursue the chance if they have to travel across town during the workday for a formal interview. All of a sudden, you’ve lost a potential standout new hire.

This problem is directly addressed by one-way video interviews. As a result, it has developed into a potent method of attracting passive job seekers. A full-time worker with a busy schedule might not be able to change their plans to attend a screening. On the other hand, they probably won’t mind spending 15 or 20 minutes in the comfort of their own homes recording video interviews.

Vikram Seth
Vikram Seth
Vikram Seth is the CEO and Co-Founder of Ducknowl. He has dedicated his time to creating software that will enable businesses to select the greatest talent without having to endure a time-consuming hiring process. He has more than ten years of managerial expertise, with a specialization in the IT sector with a solid understanding of the IT staffing and recruitment industry. He graduated from Georgetown University in Washington, DC, with an MS degree.  In addition, he has received various certifications in Project Management.

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