Maximising Garage Space: Practical Storage Ideas for Your Vehicle and Tools

The garage is often a catch-all area for numerous household items, but with practical storage ideas, it can stay spacious, clean, and well-organised. Additional storage is always beneficial whether your garage fits one or multiple vehicles. 

By implementing planning and making arrangements, you can create designated spaces for everything, thus maximising floor space availability. According to research, the average British household spends around 2.5 days each year looking for misplaced items. And for those managing a self storage business, the demand for storage solutions continues to grow. 

But fear not! We have practical storage ideas to free up your garage space and help you stay organised. Say goodbye to the mess and hello to an organised and functional garage with these simple yet practical storage solutions.

Innovative Storage Ideas to Free Up Space in Your Garage and for Self Storage Businesses

Innovative Storage Ideas to Free Up Space in Your Garage and for Self Storage Businesses

Whether you are planning on making money with an empty building or garage or want to transform your cluttered garage for personal use, these innovative storage ideas can make a difference.

  • Wall-mounted Pegboards

Wall-mounted pegboards are one of the most versatile and affordable options. They work well for smaller tools, gardening equipment, and other lightweight items that can be hung from hooks. Pegboards come in 4×8 foot sheets that can be cut to fit the available wall space. They mount directly to wall studs using screws for strong support.

The fronts of pegboards have thousands of small holes spaced evenly, allowing you to get creative with arranging hooks, racks and hangers. Steel hooks, hose hangers, tool rails and similar accessories can be pressed directly into the holes to customise the layout. Like shovels or rakes, larger storage can lean against the wall below.

Pegboards are versatile, low-cost, and perfect for making the most of wall space that would otherwise be empty.

  • Overhead Storage Racks

Overhead storage racks mounted high on the garage walls or against the ceiling structure take advantage of unused vertical space. Heavy-duty steel racks can support a great deal of weight for this purpose. They work particularly well for bulky or irregularly shaped items that need to fit more efficiently elsewhere.

Common things stored in overhead racks include sports equipment, luggage, boxes of seasonal decorations or supplies, bins of hardware or spare parts, ladders, garden tools, tarps and ropes. If necessary, the items can be placed on the shelves or secured with bungee cords. Racks with enclosed shelves help organise and protect contents from dust. 

With the right layout, an overhead system maximises every square inch of the garage.

  • Magnetic Tool Strips

Magnetic tool strips are a versatile way to organise and display small metal tools, hardware and other shop items on garage walls. They come as narrow strips that easily attach with adhesive or screws. Strips can be placed horizontally at eye level, perfect for neatly lining up wrenches, sockets, screwdrivers and more.

Individual tools are affixed easily, with their magnetic sides facing out. This makes everything visible and accessible at a glance. Arranging by size keeps similar items organised together. The strong magnetic holds keep tools securely on display yet allow one-handed removal when needed. 

Magnetic tool strips help maximise function and visual organisation in the home workshop’s invaluable wall space.

  • Rolling Tool Chests

Rolling tool chests provide a mobile work surface and convenient storage for garage tools and supplies. Multi-drawer chests on smooth-rolling casters allow the station to move out of the way quickly when not in use. This clears floor space for the car or other projects.

The chests come in different sizes, from small units fitting under a workbench to roomier options spanning several feet. Drawers are strategically sized to hold specific items like sockets, screwdrivers, pliers, and fasteners. Compartments help keep small pieces organised and easy to find. 

With professional organisation on wheels, your valuable time is better spent on tasks than searching disorganised areas. Rolling cabinets are an optimum solution for any severe garage workshop.

  • Slatwall Systems

Slatwall systems create customisable storage displays for your garage through versatile panel designs. They consist of modular grids made of thin vertical and horizontal metal slats that attach securely to walls.

Various hooks, shelves, racks, and hangers for Slatwall use allow for complete customisation. Configure panels precisely as you wish to store all equipment and supplies professionally. 

The open slot design maintains wall space visibility and accessibility behind panels. Regular wall dusting keeps the whole system looking organised and professional. Slatwall offers garage owners a highly versatile long-term storage investment.

  • Car Lifts

A high-quality hydraulic car lift allows you to maximise floor space by elevating parked vehicles up near the ceiling. This frees up to double the usable area of your garage.

Look for lifts with durable steel construction and safety lock arms to support weight capacities of 7,000 pounds or more securely. The electric operation provides smooth lifts with the push of a button. 

A quality hydraulic lift creates a safer, more efficient environment for automotive projects while multiplying your garage’s storage and productivity potential. It’s an invaluable investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I maximise my garage space?

You can install overhead racks, shelving and wall cabinets. Use the vertical walls to store items out of the way. Add mobile and stackable storage units beneath counters. Also, keep the floor free by properly storing garden tools, sports gear, and bicycles and organising your tool area.

How do you store equipment in a garage?

There are several effective ways to store equipment in a garage to keep it organised and accessible. 

  • You can install shelving racks and cabinets on the walls to use vertical space. 
  • Larger equipment can be stored on the floor under workbenches or in the centre of the garage on wheeled carts. 
  • Ensure all items have a designated area and are kept safe from hazards. 
  • Proper labelling further aids in finding tools and equipment quickly.


Implementing practical storage ideas is critical to maximising the utility of your garage. From wall-mounted shelving and cabinets to overhead racks and mobile workbenches, utilising every available space will keep all tools, equipment and vehicles neatly organised. 

Take time to measure and plan the layout correctly, assessing your needs before purchasing. All valuable belongings will have a designated location, allowing easy retrieval and cleaning. 

An optimised setup means increased productivity, protection of assets and convenience for any project. Most importantly, a well-organised garage will be simple to maintain for years of stress-free use.

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