Web DevelopmentWorld’s best Private blog Network (PBN) Hosting Solution (SeekaHost.app)

World’s best Private blog Network (PBN) Hosting Solution (SeekaHost.app)

Many people are already searching about how to build a successful private blog network (PBN) and what is the best PBN Hosting solution.

We believe Fernando Raymond is the best person to look up to when it comes to building a successful Private Blog Network. As a renowned and experienced SEO consultant, Fernando has been helping hundreds of people in his PBN Demystified group to start private blogs and grow them into successful businesses. 

The goal of building PBN is to improve SEO, as Private blog network hosting is designed to support SEO needs, it is important to manage PBN securely.

There are several guides written on PBN Hosting, but this guide will bring all the resources you need in one place and help you understand everything about the best hosting types used to securely host a private blog. You will also understand what PBN is and why SEOs still use it and what PBN Hosting services are the best for PBN.

What is Private blog Network (PBN) and how does it help SEO?

PBN stands for Private Blog Network, which is a group of blogs owned and run by a single person, but in such a way that the websites in the network look very much unrelated. 

The aim of building PBN is to generate high authority and valuable link juice for a main website, which links are passed on to the money website by linking to it from the private blogs.

And the building of links is important from the Google rankings  perspective, as the more the number of high-quality links pointing to your website, the higher the Google will rank the website. But link building doesn’t always come easy, with tactics as guest posting and outreach often taking enormous time and requires a lot of money. Still they can be unsuccessful.

PBN is seen as an alternative to these costly link building schemes, and the best part is that you are fully in-charge of the link building process. That is to say, you can control and manage all the inbound links to your main site. And with high authority domains, you’re much more likely to succeed very fast with PBN.

However, Google penalizes PBN, as they are rather gray-hat tactics to rank in search engines, but that is, if you failed to adhere to some laid-down strategies to building a successful PBN. 

That is why you need an expert to guide you through the processes of building a successful private blog network.

Best PBN Hosting For SEO via SeekaHost.app

Fernando Raymond and his team of software developers at ClickDo custom built the SeekaHost.app and have mastered the art of building successful PBN and have used exactly the same tactics for thousands of people using SeekaHost PBN hosting, and here, you’ll learn the best technology to host multiple blogs with ease on unique IP addresses.

PBN requires to be run on expired domains for fast ranking, as these domains already have authority and back links.

But you have to build all these websites in a way that they won’t be de-indexed by Google because of poor hosting issues. That is why the initial PBN setup stage is very crucial and many SEOs fail to deliver in this area.

SeekaHost offers different class IPs so that you get a natural IP profile for your private blog networks. You also get unique DNS for each of your domains so that everything is unique. And the HTTPS setup is free with free SSL certification, making your domains secure and helping you to gain more trust with Google and other search engines.

With Unique IPs from multiple locations which gives your PBN the unique look & footprint-less setup, SeekaHost is without doubts the leading PBN hosting provider.  And when you host your PBN with SeekaHost, all domains included in the package will get a unique IP address and hosted on different servers. This is very important and key as the whole idea behind PBN hosting is that the websites shouldn’t be connected to the same owner. 

Additionally, as Security is the most important factor for a well-maintained website. SeekaHost’s PBN SEO Hosting packages is configured with Free Malware & Virus Scanner options which act as a bonus. 

For optimal SEO results, you need a reliable host with minimal to no downtime, that delivers super-fast, easy to use, secure, cost-effective hosting and of course has no footprints for your private blog network.

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