Pro tips to manage freelance web designing projects

Being a Freelance web designer has its own advantages and so the challenges. As here, you are not only pursuing web designing, but you are building your business in this field. You have to tie a knot and get down working. Managing your work plus your quality and quantity is a heck of a job to do at the same time. Nobody is working for you or over you to remind you about the deadlines and work hours. All it takes self-discipline that carries you forth.  

As freelance web designer, you’ve to learn to manage your projects timely and proficiently. 

So, how do you manage each project productively? Keep reading, I have the best answers for you! 

Tips to manage projects successfully

Here, you’ll find pro tips about every aspect of freelancing, from invoicing to life-plus-work managements. Let’s dive-in quickly…

Build your name!

For starting well, prepare well! Ensure you have planned all the things beneath! 

  • Have your website

It’s the core work to start as a freelance! Maintain an impressive website, especially for promoting and educating people about your web designing services. Or you can sign up on platforms like dormzi which provides freelance web designer jobs.

  • Write a blog

Do regular blogging firstly for creating website presence and secondly for promoting your skills & experience. 

  • Develop your brand

People tend to attach to a brand and its tag line rather than just a name! So, create your brand and work under that brand name.

  • Improve your portfolio

Take the help of professional portfolio makers and designers to craft a unique portfolio for you. 

  • Be more social

    Be more social
    Be more social

Take advantage of social media presence! Be actively participative to social platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. they help you grab potential clients around the globe! 

Obliviously, you have to invest some time to get the results. But for rapid results, you should be active and visible. Use SEO tools for better ranking, refers to gaining new clients, run contests on Instagram & Facebook to engage the audience, try-out the best market tactics to grow your name. 

Right attitude

It’s a long way ahead; here, being skilled isn’t enough… you have to be a professional now. For that, you need the right attitude to flow forth-

  • Be a specialist

For freelance, you got to be unique to kick out competitions. And you can do that by being a specialist in something, anything that loves about web designing. Carry that forward and promote yourself around it! Educate yourself about your strengths and weaknesses. Try out promoting you as a freelance web designer that is a specialist “in something.” After all, you came to freelancing so that you can do what you love! Then show why you love web designing. It can connect people personally and build trust in you. Who does not want to work with a passionate skilled freelancer anyway!

  • Be rational!

Sometimes, we take whatever comes first, knowing that you deserved better. We are so afraid to ask for fair pay and treatable clauses. You’ve to ask what you need in exchange for your hard work. If you don’t, nobody is going to give you; everyone is in business here! 

And when you aren’t receiving orders, don’t just sit back waiting for the right time. Get on the market and advertise aggressively! 

Dealing with clients

The above things were just a push, real work starts when you have clients, and it’s time to crack a deal with them. Let’s know how you can do that perfectly! 

  • Choose clients carefully

Don’t fall for every client that you get. Of course, it’s a nerve saying work on as many as possible! But you should not. Before confirming an order – check what are they offering? Do they agree with your prices? Are they giving a reasonable deadline? Or do you need them? Be keen, and it’s a part of professionalism. 

But yeah, don’t give away too much! Just stick to your basic needs and put a straightforward conversation with no friendly chit chats. 

  • Widen your range of clients

    Freelance web designer
    Freelance web designer

A Freelance web designer is doing a secure and sound business when she/he has a wide range of clients. A repeated order gives a boost, no doubt, but just don’t rely on 2 or 3 repeating clients. Keep looking for new orders for sustainable growth.

Business issues

  • Invoicing

It’s common to forget about the business aspect when you are working as a freelance web designer. Also, your forte is web designing; it gets hard to learn business all of a sudden. That’s why many frequently commit invoicing errors!

Better, check the online invoicing apps, and subscribe to the best-suited one! It is the best way to keep track of money outflows and inflows. It can even tell which money is due or owed!

  • Employ specialists

Don’t you have any idea about accounts and legal terms? Then don’t tangle yourself in it! Delegate this job to your accountant! He/she not only manages your accounts but also save your money that you can lose to legal faults. Many big freelance web designer names suggest having a lawyer if you’d intended it for the long-run.

You cannot imagine how affordable these services are. More of it, it saves a lot of your time & effort. 

  • Contract

Draw a contract either you’re working with an agency or getting your client. It’s necessary and for starting with any new project. It shouldn’t have to be bulky, but it must clearly speak what you agree to and what you’re not!

Significantly, the work you’re doing, how, and when you’ll be paid for it. There should be a mention for any unforeseen event in which if either side wishes to terminate the contract – what would be the procedure and consequences? Also, approximate work hours should be added. 

But, many freelancers fear that this might look outrageous or hostile. But, that’s not true; it’s completely healthy and professional. It just binds both parties’ interests for their good. 

Last quick tip – Don’t rush in!

 For wrapping up, I will just say that starting as a freelance web designer takes a lot of energy and time. So, be as realistic as you can with your work hours. Don’t just rush in to fill all 4 orders you get when you can’t do it! 

Daniel Odoh
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