What To Do After Purchasing An Android Phone.

Got a new Android smartphone, excited right? That was a great device you got. WOW…
There is no joy greater than the joy when you purchase a new gadget especially a gadget that you have been longing for. I bet you, if it’s me, I will be very very excited too. But there is the thing that you should do first if you are an Android lover and want to get the best out of your phone.
Everything that is going to list for you today, I will only advice you to do that if you are a heavy user of the android phone.

New Android SmartphoneWhat To Do After Purchasing An Android Phone.

  • Check the appliances that come with your phone.

Most people don’t do this but they don’t know this is a necessary thing to do. No one is above mistake and I have seen where these happen. maybe one or two of the following come appliances were missing like the charger.

New Android Smartphone
New Unboxed Android Smartphone
It is always advisable to check for authenticity of the Smartphone that you ordered.  Check the charger, check the earpiece, check the chord or USB cord. If you won’t know an original if you see one, you can take it to an expert to check it for you. Do a thorough inspection to make sure that no stock item is missing at all.

  • Set Up your new Android Smartphone.

Setting up your new Android Smartphone will be the second thing you are going to do. Power it one, Enjoy the new guy and feel the vibe. Setting Up your new Android phone might take a little of your time.
I always advise people to subscribe their phone before launching a new smartphone.  If the smartphone is a Google-powered smartphone, It is going to ask you to set up a google account or sign in to your google account. Some people like skipping it.
Setting up your google account on the first start will help you determine if there is any problem with the Phones GAPPS. Most few people find it difficult setting up Google account after getting a new smartphone.

  • Restore your Previous backup

Android Google Backup
Google Backup Restore
After you have signed up to your google account when setting up your phone, its always better to restore your phone is if you used google back in your previous smartphone. You may like to restore your Contacts, messages, apps and the rest of them.
Restoring them will enable you to know what and what you are missing and the next step to take.

  • Speed Up your new Android Smartphone.

Some people might not understand this part or the reason why they need to do this.
This part is mainly for people with low Ram phone.
Normally, Once you purchase a new smartphone. It comes with many bootwares.
Speeding your phone implies disabling those apps that you are very sure that they are of no use to you on your phone.  Example of the apps is Google Newsread.
They are been referred to as Bloatware,  they are pre-installed to your phone and most of them are installed to the root folder of your phone, you might not be able to remove them because they are installed to the root folder of your phone. All you have to do is to disable them and they won’t be function and they won’t lag or drain your battery at all.

  • Secure Your New Friend.

You won’t like to see our new ride get hit by stain or dirt or a malware.
Securing your new Android Smartphone implies

  1. Getting a screen guard to protect the screen
  2. Getting a body pack to protect the body of the phone.
  3. and Getting an Antivirus to protect your phone from virus and Malware.
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Doing the above thing when you got a new Android smartphone will help in a long and extensive use of your new Android Smartphone.

For Geeks and Android Developers.

If you think you are advance about android and you know what you are doing, then you might consider doing the listed below.

  • Rooting your phone.

Well, for me, the first thing I do when I have confirmed everything I listed above and knows quite alright that am moving forward with the phone and the phone is now fully mine, the next I do I to root it. I don’t think I can use a phone without rooting it.

Remember. Rooting a phone will void your warranty and you won’t be able to take it back even under the warranty month.

Before rooting your phone, you must have had bits of knowledge about rooting and what it is all about. We will take responsibility if you brick your phone.

  • Back up Your Phone Stock ROM to a PC.

Backing up a custom rom is the first thing an Android developer does when gotten any Android Phone. As a person or as a developer, if you lose your phone’s stock OS or ROM, you are going to regret it and if you are not able to get it online, then you are done with the phone.
Backing up your new Android Smartphone will help you in many ways.

  1. It will help you when porting a custom rom to your phone.
  2. It will help reverse back to your phone if anything goes wrong with your phone.
  3. Help you trace a fault.
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So you see, that having a backup of your stock rom is very important for your new ride.

  • Porting a Custom Rom (optional).

I know you won’t like jumping to a totally different thing when just also got a totally different thing.
many Manufacturers these days have a customise OS for their product and not like before that most phones come with the default Android Google OS.
Now, We have.

  • XOX OS For Infinix Phones.
  • Amigos OS For Gionee Phones.
  • Colour OS for OPPO Smartphone
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and many of them. It’s no longer the stock and Boring Google OS. so you may like to explore them and see what they got.

  • Porting a Recovery to Your New Smartphone.

Whether you are a developer of you are not a developer, you should know what is an Android Recovery. Android recovery is very important especially a custom Android recovery.
Custom recovery can help the following.

  • Backing up your phone or stock rom to your SD Card.
  • Flashing a custom rom to your phone.
  • Resetting or formatting your phone.
  • Resetting your phone without losing a document on your phone.
  • Flashing a custom image to your phone.

And much more you can do with a custom recovery.
Doing all these things listed above will help you to enjoy your phone to the fullest and make you not to regret and a single bit of your android phone. If you have any recommendations. You might consider letting us know to add it too. Enjoy your new Friend.

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