If you check any of the phones I am with and you didn’t see Purify installed in it, then, know the phone doesn’t belong to me.
That’s my definition of the necessity of Purify to me, It’s one in a million.
But I got one problem lining on the line, it works best if your phone is rooted. So you got no choice but to root your phone.
Purify is an Android app that was developed by Kingroot Inc, sometimes it usually comes with the popular rooting app KingRoot. It is sometimes pre-installed while rooting your phone with KingRoot.
I have used my cleaning and RAM boosting and Battery saving app but I can tell you that Purify seems to be my favorite.
Okay, let me not exaggerate thing but to go straight by showing you what you can get by using Purify as your RAM boosting and Battery Saver app.
1. File Size.

Purify Consume Less Storage
Purify Consume Less Storage
Purify doesn’t take much of your storage while trying to install it on your phone. It’s APK file is is about 5mb of size.
After installation, its data size is about 24MB which doesn’t occupy much of your phone storage like other apps do.
So you see, you got nothing to worry about if you are using a low-end smartphone or low memory Android phone.
2. RAM Consumption.
Purify Low clean all the application
Purify Low clean all the application
Many Cleaning apps and many Battery Saver apps out there consume uptown 60MB of data while running in our phone and also contributing to the sluggish of our phone and also killing our battery at the same time.
Okay, now take a look at the RAM Consumption, it’s 21MB and does you think this will make your battery drain or makes your phone slower? NO.
Check the picture out, most of the Battery saving app n the Android Market comes with processes running in them when they work on your phone, I don’t have the picture of Clean Master but I would have shown you the difference between two of them.
So what am trying to say, Purify is developed in a way that it won’t consume much of your RAM and in the same time doing the work it was assigned to be doing in your phone.
Purify after boost memory
Purify after boost memory
This feature Clean and force closes all the running apps in your phone and makes sure they don’t restart by themselves until you launch them.
It can force stop any app be it, the user or system app, once they are running on your phone. It gets the job done by one tap.
Purify Clean Junk
Purify Clean Junk
This feature was recently added to Purify at about June 2017.
It doesn’t exist before but was added to make Purify more useful than it was before.
It scans for Junk files, Unused APKs, Leftovers, and Cache.
There you can choose to delete those apps that you have installed and those that you have installed but it’s still keeping those APK files and so much more you can get out the Junk Cleaner Feature.
Purify Saves Battery
Purify Saves Battery
One of the core features of the app is the battery saver option.
There you can choose many options to save your battery like the General, Medium, and Super mode, each of these mode comes with it performance force to the phone. Some can automatically dim your light, reduce your backlight timeout, power off your Bluetooth and so on. Is up to you to choose the one e that will suit your needs. It can save a lot of battery for you once you activate it.
Purify Notification tab
Purify Notification tab
This feature collects all your notifications and put it in one follow so that your status bar won’t be messed.
One of a kind, you can customize it the way you want it to be. The apps that you want to Archive and the apps you want to be showing it’s notifications.
Purify Bloatware remover
Purify Bloatware Remover
Are you suffering from low memory on your phone and wishes to free up some space on your phone, this feature will help you through.
Bloatware is mainly system app or just apps that are installed in the root folder of your phone that can’t be uninstalled by default.
Bloatware Remover helps you remove apps that even when uninstalled from the system root folder will not cause any harm to the phone though your phone might start behaving somehow like force closing some of your apps.
But it mainly lists app that even uninstalled, your phone can still boot up successfully.
Purify Settings
Purify Settings
You can set your Purify to auto clean and close selected apps once your phone starts behaving sluggish and slow.
It can do the job for you.
You can whitelist apps that you want to be excluded when purify is at work.
Blog The Tech recommends that when purify is used correctly, it will give you the best performance on your phone.
What do you think about this?
Purify For Android
Purify For Android

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