Do you want to recover deleted files from your HTC Evo ?, use a data recovery software tool. You will be able to recover deleted photos, videos and documentsfrom your phone. Keep in mind that when you delete files from your HTC Evo, they are not permanently erased, but moved to a hidden area on your phone until they are overwritten. When you need to recover a deleted file, do not take any more pictures, record videos and audio or save documents on your HTC Evo phone.

Step 1:

Search for a data recovery tool on the Internet that will recover deleted files on your HTC Evo phone. Photo Recovery Software, Data Recovery Trial and Pro Data Doctor are several application tools that will recover various types of deleted files, such as mp3, wave, mp4, avi, mpeg, dat, vob, text, jpeg, gif, messages, and contacts on your HTC Evo phone.

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Step 2:

Download and Install the data recovery software application on your computer. Look for the data recovery installation icon on your desktop. Double-click on it to install the software application. When the installation is complete, click on the data recovery icon to launch the application.

Step 3:

Connect the data cable to your HTC Evo phone to an open USB port on your computer. Windows will automatically recognize your phone as an external device and assign a drive letter to it. Double-click on the drive letter that Windows has assigned to your HTC Evo phone.

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Step 4:

Select the option for the type of media that you want to recovery on your HTC Evo phone.
Click “Scan” or “Start” to preview all of the deleted photos, videos, audios and documents on your HTC Evo phone. The scanning process may take a few seconds to find the deleted file that you want to recover. Scroll down the preview list until you see the deleted file that you want to retrieve. Click on the “Recover” or “Recover All” button.

Step 5:

Click on the “Browse” button and select a file path where you want to save the recovered file on your computer. Click the “Save” button. Then click the “OK” button when you are finished. Transfer the recovered file from your computer to your HTC Evo phone.

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