We do forget our phone Lock screen sometime and we are left with no choice but to reset your phone to factory settings.
Today we are going to check how to Reset Android Lock screen without losing any Data
In one of our previous posts, we talked about the benefit of having a custom ROM on our phone but the solution we are going to apply today requires us to have a custom recovery.
Rooting a phone can one of the best things to have happened to your phone but some fear it might lead to the destruction of their phone.
But that is not.
There is a script that was developed by an Android developer that can get this work.
We are all conversant with the method of restoring the factory settings of our phone but we all know that we must lose our files like pictures, videos, music, contacts, and messages plus other documents.
But because we don’t have a choice, we were left with no option but to get our phone back.
You must know that before anything can be done on your phone that concerns the phones ROM, custom recovery must come in place.
And for this script to work, we will need a custom recovery.
So if you have the custom recovery, you are good to go but if you don’t, you know how to sort your self out.
Reset Android Lock screen without losing any Data
Just download and flash the script through custom recovery and reboot your phone.
Credit goes to the Iyke developer of this script.
Download Now

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