SoftwareRestore and Bring New Life to Old B&W Photos with Image Colorizer

Restore and Bring New Life to Old B&W Photos with Image Colorizer

If you have old black and white photos of the family lying around the house, you’ve probably wondered how the photos would look if they were in color. While black and white photos evoke feelings and emotions and can be very powerful keepsakes of a past time, photos in color tend to generate an equally nostalgic reaction, especially since photos in color often do not come with the layer of age and old memories. Instead, they can appear as fresh and current as the day they were taken. 

The good news is that with technology it is easy to colorize black and white photos in color so you can get the experience of seeing these moments in time in a new and more colorful light. Professional tools like Photoshop allow photographers and artists to transform black and white snapshots into colorful photos. But what if you don’t have these tools and you don’t have the professional training needed to use these tools? Read on to know how you can transform old black and white photos into color photos using new tools that are designed for users like you. 

Image Colorizer: Powerful Tool to restore Old photos by AI technology 

Image Colorizer is an online tool that uses powerful AI technology to automatically restore old photos and bring them back to life. Powerful AI technology handles the intelligent retouching of photos using training with millions of photos in the software’s database. This extensive AI learning makes it possible for the software to apply detailed color retouches to any photo. The result is a photo that looks as natural as any color photo taken straight from the camera. 

Unlike Photoshop which requires an expert eye to do step-by-step color changes to a black and white photo, the online platform allows users to enhance old photo samples in as easy as three steps. The process is easy too. Users simply upload the photos, apply the needed enhancement, and enjoy the colorized images. 

The best thing about this platform is that it is totally mobile so users can colorize black and white photos on the go. Unlike bulky software that often slows down your computer while in use, the Image Colorizer is online software which means you can use it without any glitch or hiccup as long as you are online. 

Main Features of Image Colorize 

AI Colorize 

This is the basic feature for adding color intelligently to old black and white photos. This is perfect for pristine black and white photos that do not need any other edit than a change into color. 

AI Enhance 

Image enhancing is useful for black and white photos that could also use some additional basic retouching such as adjustments in contrast or sharpness. This is useful for blurry photos or photos that need adjustments in image clarity. This feature can also render black and white photos into color HD, perfect for those photos where you want the details to stand out. 

AI Retouch 

The software comes with a Face Retouch feature which isolates faces in the photo and applies automatic retouches in the color and skin tone to match the rest of the photo. The Face Retouch feature uses the AI’s extensive neural network system to identify and isolate faces in the photo and add natural retouches, leaving the rest of the photo untouched.

AI Repair 

Working with damaged or scratched photos? Storage conditions often always lead to photos with these defects, from minor scratches to patches of damage. The AI repair uses AI learning to seamlessly blend in the damaged sections with the surrounding areas of the photo for a natural-looking, scratch-free snapshot. 

Other Black and White Colorization Tools to Try 

Image Colorizer is not your only option if you are looking at online photo colorization tools. Algorithmia is another nifty colorizing software that does more or less the same thing. Like Image Colorizer, this online software uses AI deep learning using millions of images from its database to apply natural color corrections to any black and white photo. Simply upload your black and white photo and the software will start doing its magic. You can also try the features on the site using the sample images that they provide. 


The Image Colorizer and other colorizing software offer intelligent colorization options for casual users who simply want to enjoy old photos in a new way. Bring new life to old black and white snapshots using Image Colorizer to see what new details you can discover in these old photos. 

Ifeanyi Okondu
Ifeanyi Okondu
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