Do you want to root Allview V2 Viper S and Flash TWRP but you are finding it hard rooting Allview V2 Viper S with rooting Apps?.

The Pros of Rooting Allview V2 Viper S.

  • You can overclock your phone for your best performance.
  • Change the phone information of Allview V2 Viper S to trick your friends.
  • You now have access to every file on Allview V2 Viper S.
  • You can change how your phone boot by changing boot animation.
  • Remove bloatware, which is, apps that were pre-installed on the Allview V2 Viper S.
  • Flash a custom recovery like TWRP to Allview V2 Viper S.
  • Able to upgrade Allview V2 Viper S to the latest Android version using custom rom.
  • You can hack or crack games after rooting Allview V2 Viper S.
  • Create more storage space on Allview V2 Viper S but with caution.
  • You can block Ads from some apps on Allview V2 Viper S.
  • Install and use apps that require root on Allview V2 Viper S.
  • You can customize your Phone like you want.
  • And many more personal benefits you can enjoy.

The Cons of Rooting Allview V2 Viper S.

  • The first thing is, Your warranty is now void.
  • You won’t be getting the official update from Allview.
  • Uhmm, I don’t know any other one. You can say.

Whatever reason you have for rooting Allview V2 Viper S, just make sure you know what you are doing.
Let’s get started.
Many people complain about their phone not rooting with KingRoot, they will say that KingRoot doesn’t root their phone and they tried and it didn’t work for them.
There are versions of KingRoot which works for some phone and some that don’t work.
Versions really matter when it comes to rooting your phone with KingRoot.
I can testify to you that latest version of KingRoot is not compatible with some smartphones. If you try making use of them in rooting your phone, you will get a failed message.
So, I won’t advise anyone to use the latest version of KingRoot but can use later versions like version 5.0.3 and below.
Okay. Let’s get started.

How to root Allview V2 Viper S with TWRP.

To root Allview V2 Viper S by flashing TWRP and flashing SuperSU/Magisk file, you will need a PC.
You will need this files…

Allview V2 Viper S TWRP Rooting Prerequisite.

  • A PC.
  • An Allview V2 Viper S.
  • A working USB Cord.
  • A Good Battery Backup.
  • SuperSU/Magisk zip file.
  • A TWRP File.
  • An ADB Fastboot script.
  • SP Flash Tool
  • An Allview Device Driver.

Before you start, make sure you download and install the device drivers required above. Without proper driving your PC, It won’t detect your phone when connected to the PC.
You will need to Flash a custom TWRP to your Allview V2 Viper S before flashing this.
You can do that by going here.

How To Flash TWRP using SP Flash Tool

The first things you have to do is install the USB Drivers for your PC. After doing that, you can go ahead and flash the TWRP image.
You can get a scatter file for your phone by downloading the stock rom for your phone. At least, you will need your stock rom later in case anything goes wrong. You can go back to stock.

Flash TWRP to Allview V2 Viper S3 using SP Flash tool.

  • Download SP Flash Tool to your PC.
  • Download recovery.
  • Get the Scatter File for your phone.
  • Rename the downloaded recovery to recovery.img.
  • Place the recovery and scatter file in the same folder.
  • Launch SP Flash Tool.
  • Click on Scatter file.
  • Locate the scatter you placed in recovery.
  • Select the scatter file.
  • Power off your phone.
  • Click on start on SP Flash Tool.
  • Plugin on your phone with a detectable USB Cord.
  • Wait for it to finish Flashing.
  • Done, Reboot your phone.


Flashing a custom RECOVERY to your phone will void your phone warranty.
We are not responsible for bricked rECOVERY. Please, do some research if you have any concerns about cUSTOM rECOVERY AND HOW THEY WORK.
Before flashing THIS RECOVERY, YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if you point Your finger at us for messing up your device, we will laugh at you.

After flashing a custom recovery which is TWRP to your Allview V2 Viper S, you can now go ahead and root it.
Copy the downloaded SuperSU Files or Magisk and place it in the root folder of your SD card.

How To Root Allview V2 Viper S with Magisk/SuperSU File.

  • Boot your Allview V2 Viper S to Recovery.
  • Select Install Zip.
  • Select the SD where SuperSu/Magisk zip file is.
  • Locate the downloaded zip File.
  • Flash it.
  • Your phone is rooted.
  • Reboot to see SuperUser or Magisk on your phone.

The other way to root Allview V2 Viper S which is through Kingroot is quite easier than the above method. All you have to do is follow the instruction below.

How to root Allview V2 Viper S with KingRoot.

  1. Download KingRoot.
  2. Install KingRoot.
  3. Launch KingRoot.
  4. Allow it to check your root status.
  5. Click on Get Root.
  6. Wait for KingRoot to Root your phone.
  7. Your phone is rooted.
  8. Done.

You might get a failed message while rooting your phone. You might also notice a network drop while rooting your phone. It is OKAY, Just reboot your phone and everything will be fine.
The whole method above is tested and trusted and tend to work on yours. If you experience any problem or difficulty, you are free to tell me.

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