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How to Root the Blu Studio 5.0

How to Root the Blu Studio 5.0

How to Root the Blu Studio 5.0

Today we are going to Root your phone without any hassle and stress. I hope you have your reasons for rooting your phone.

I believe by now, we must have known what rooting is and what you can benefit from it and what harm it can cause you.

Blog The Tech will not help responsible for any brick phone, dead boot phone, getting fired from your job due to failed alarm and other miscellaneous you may face after rooting your phone.

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Do not panic, no cause for alarm at all.

How to Root the Blu Studio 5.0

Rooting can be one of the best things you would have done on your phone because it unlocks you to the world of Android phone. You become the master of your phone and so on.

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The benefit you can gain from it depends on the knowledge you have got on Android development.

You can be rooting your phone because you want to be flashing new ROMs on your smartphone or it might be that you want to be unlocking games and other cool stuff that might have attached to the benefits of rooting a smartphone.

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Now let me take you to the project which is successfully rooting a Blu Studio 5.0.

Blu Studio 5.0 is a smartphone that comes with a Dual core and a chipset of MT6577 from the MediaTek Inc and has a Jellybean Tom.

Rooting may be complex from time to time depending on the kernel and Android version of the phone and the chipset and development of the phone.

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But in our rooting project, we will be making use of an Android called KingRoot.

Like the name goes “KingRoot” it seems to be the king of rooting and have recorded millions of users.

KingRoot boosts successfully of rooting almost the Android Versions in the Android market.

I have not seen any phone that Kingroot has not rooted if it failed, is either the phone is new in the Android Market or that the user didn’t follow the right procedure of rooting the phone.

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Let’s cut the whole story short and get back on how to root Blu Studio 5.0, shall we?

root blu studio 5.0
Blu Studio 5.0

What I need to Root the Blu Studio 5.0

  1. Working Blu Studio 5.0.
  2. Download KingRoot APK.
  3. Download Purify APK.
  4. Enable USB Debugging.
  5. Ensure stable 4G or 3G internet Connection.( It can be H+ or WCDMA or Others).
  6. Your little time.
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With the above-listed prerequisite, we can proceed on How to root Blu Studio 5.0.

Let me take them one by one.

Working Blu Studio 5.0.

Without a working Blu Studio 5.0, we won’t be able to successfully root Blu Studio 5.0. If your phone is not in good condition.

For example, if your phone use to trip off due to unstable battery placement and other related occurrences like rubber tied phone and related, all this can alter us while we are rooting your phone.

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So make sure that your phone is in good condition unless we will be distracted.

The next step to follow is to download the KingRoot apk file itself and Install it.

Make sure that you enable application installation from an unknown source.

Follow the same procedure and Install Purify APK file.

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The reason we recommend Installation of Purify is that while rooting our phone with KingRoot app, they always try to download Purify by themselves which sometimes makes rooting our phone to get a failed message because the KingRoot Download Server seems to be not that fast so it delays while Rooting with Purify.

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Purify App is an application that is developed by KingRoot developer. It works many wonders and serves in the performance our phone and won’t work effectively without root access.

Instead of causing a delay and much consumption of data when rooting, we download and install the app before them and fast forward the rooting before KingRoot.

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Enabling USB Debugging suppose to be an optional activity because the majority of phones don’t need us to do that and we surely root our phone without it.

But if you must enable it, you can do that by going to Developers tab in the settings column.

Internet Connection: In rooting of our phone without PC, internet connection or stable fast network is strictly needed for us to get a success message.

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KingRoot can never Root your phone with a slow internet connection, it will get a fail message.

That why it is always recommended to have a stable internet connection on your phone and then you can get started.

Now is the time to give it that little time. Relax and take a cup of coffee and watch it do the magic on its own. It’s just press start and waits for it to get the work done.

  [Flash File] BLU Studio J5 S0290UU Firmware Download [Stock Rom]

Take a look below to see how you can be able to do that

How to Root the Blu Studio 5.0
Kingroot game booster
Kingroot Super protection
Kingroot Super protection
Kingroot super protection app
Kingroot super protection app
Root authorization Kingroot
Root authorization Kingroot
Root authorization Kingroot
Root authorization Kingroot
KingRoot advance permission
KingRoot advance permission
Kingroot security index
Kingroot security index
Autostart Monitor KingRoot
Autostart Monitor KingRoot
Auto Start Monitor Kingroot
Auto Start Monitor Kingroot
Autostart Kingroot
Autostart Kingroot
[media-credit id=1 align=”aligncenter” width=”480″]How to Root the Blu Studio 5.0

But sometimes, things happen that we cannot put our fingers on it, I mean that sometimes, what worked for me might not work for you and that is what we sometimes, don’t understand.

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Reasons Why this might not work for you.

Like we said above, something someone else and it worked for, you might try it and the thing may not work for you, it does happen.

But we have listed below things that might contribute to the reason why this method didn’t work out for you.

  [Flash File] BLU Energy M E110L Firmware Download [Stock Rom]

1. Slow Internet Connection.

This is the number one reason for failed rooting while using kingRoot app. It needs a strong Internet Connection. Once you are not having a strong Internet Connection, you might keep getting Root failed message.

The best thing to do is find a strong Internet Connection and you will see the magic.

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2. Cloned or an Unoriginal device.

Many phones are cloned every day due to maybe its high market demand and the Chinese are not tired of showcasing their handwork.

The phone you are using might not be the original chipset of the main phone but a cloned one.

Everything might look the same but the phone retailer has hammered you with the wrong product. You may have to verify very well.

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3.Country restricted.

We know that some phones are not usable outside some country like the US and some countries that make use of contract phone and similar. Such phone version sometimes differs according to the country.

The US version and the UK version might not be the same. I have seen that many times in Motorola phones.

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So, therefore, this may also contribute to the reason why your phone is not rooted and are not yet added in kingroot rootable phones.

Download Purify

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