Root Booster is for those who need maximum performance when running applications without slow, unhindered or for enthusiasts who want to extend the life of the battery”
There are many APPS that allow you to save battery power or increase speed, however, Root Booster Pro employs the ideal settings, used to achieve the best results. You can easily apply these settings with predefined modes which promise increased performance, improved battery life, and improved stability. These predefined settings are achieved by applying the settings recommended for the main elements of the phone. We’ll explain how this app works with CPU, RAM, and the Android operating system.

Hibernation (Android System Optimizer)
Each Android APP uses one or more services. They run in the background and perform some specific task. Many people think that when you close an application, the use of the battery will stop completely, but it is not. Applications still have services that are running after they close and continue to consume the battery. Otherwise, if you hibernate an app, those services are temporarily disabled and the application will not drain the battery or processor performance.
CPU (Governor Processor Controller)
It is a control for the regulation of the frequency of the processor. The governor chooses at what speed and at what time the maximum or minimum CPU speed is set. The proper governor settings make your device save more battery life without sacrificing too much performance, speed, and even more stability. But knowing which governor is right for your device is complicated without an app that does it for you.
Root-booster pro
Root-booster pro

Root Booster Pro – Enhancement Performance, Saves Battery and Stability

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