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How to Root Samsung Galaxy J2

How to Root Samsung Galaxy J2

How to Root Samsung Galaxy J2

Do you have a Samsung Galaxy J2 that you want to root? well, we are going to show you how you can be able to root Samsung Galaxy J2 within some minutes.

Before Rooting your phone, you must have known the benefit of rooting your smartphone and what you can do with it once it’s rooted.

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Let me not waste much of your time, let me take you on how to root Samsung Galaxy J2.


A Windows PC.

An ADB Drivers installed on your PC.

A working USB cord.

A custom recovery to flash to your phone.

Before you can be able to root Samsung Galaxy J2, you will first of all install have to flash a custom recovery to your phone.

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The recovery is what we are going to use to flash root to your phone.

For us to do that, we have to download this files.

  1. Odin.
  2. TWRP for Samsung Galaxy J2.
  3. SuperSU zip file.

Download and extract Odin to a folder that you can easily navigate to.

After extracting it,

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Launch the Odin.exe.

Connect your Samsung Galaxy J2 with the USB and wait for it to detect your phone.

Look at the IDCOM to know when your phone is detected.

once it detects,

Make sure your phone is off and


the USB you are using is detectable on PC.

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Put it into DOWNLOAD MODE.

To put Samsung Phones to DOWNLOAD MODE, you have to press consistently Volume Down, Home and Power Button at the same time until it shows Download mode.

Then, you will be able to flash recovery to it.

Uncheck the Repartition if it is checked on the Software.

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Tick the option of rebooting your phone after flashing the recovery.

recovery odin for samsung phones

Click on AP to select the Recovery that you want to flash.

Click start to flash the recovery to your phone.

after that, you can reboot your phone to recovery to confirm.

you will see the new recovery installed to your Samsung Galaxy J2.

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let us go to the second batch of the article which is rooting Samsung Galaxy J2.

For you to root Samsung Galaxy J2, you will need to copy the downloaded SuperSu file to the root folder of your phone.

That is when you can be able to root Samsung Galaxy J2 easily.

How To Root Samsung Galaxy J2.

Copy the downloaded SuperSU zip file to the Root of your SD.

Put your phone in recovery mode.


Click on Install and select the SuperSU zip file.

Swipe to flash it to your Samsung Galaxy J2.

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When it is done, reboot your phone.

You will find the SuperUser app on your phone.

Done, your Samsung Galaxy J2 is rooted.

If you experience any error while trying to root Samsung Galaxy J2 using the instruction we listed above, you are free to tell us so we can adjust and update our post.

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After rooting your Samsung Galaxy J2, you can now be able t do whatever you want to do with your Samsung Galaxy j2 but remember not to brick your phone.

Stay safe.

NOTE: You can also use this method to root Samsung Galaxy j2.

How to Root Samsung Galaxy J2

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