How to root Sharp Aquos S2, Unlock Bootloader and Flash TWRP

Today, I am going to help you root Sharp Aquos S2, Unlock Bootloader and Flash TWRP.

We all have our reasons for rooting Sharp Aquos S2. It differs from one person to another. Some might be rooting to get a custom recovery flashed to their phone, some might be rooting to crack some games, while some might be rooting to get a custom rom flashed to their phone.


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The Advantages of Rooting Sharp Aquos S2.

  • You can overclock your phone for your best performance.
  • Change the phone information of Sharp Aquos S2 to trick your friends.
  • You now have access to every file on Sharp Aquos S2.
  • You can change how your phone boot by changing boot animation.
  • Remove bloatware, which is, apps that were pre-installed on the Sharp Aquos S2.
  • Flash a custom recovery like TWRP, CWM, Philz to Sharp Aquos S2.
  • You will be able to upgrade Sharp Aquos S2 to the latest Android version.
  • You can hack or crack games after rooting Sharp Aquos S2.
  • Create more storage space on Sharp Aquos S2 but with caution.
  • You can block Ads from some apps on Sharp Aquos S2.
  • Install and use apps that require root on Sharp Aquos S2.
  • You can customize your Phone like you want.
  • And many more personal benefits you can enjoy.
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The Disadvantage of Rooting Sharp Aquos S2.

  • The first thing is, Your warranty is now void.
  • You won’t be getting the official update from Sharp.
  • Uhmm, I don’t know any other one. You can say.
root Sharp-Aquos-S2John Daniel | Blog The Tech
root Sharp-Aquos-S2

Whatever reason you have for rooting Sharp Aquos S2, we got your back.

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Unlocking Bootloader enables one to be able to do many things on their smartphone and I am going to help you unlock Sharp Aquos S2 bootloader.

When your bootloader is unlocked, you can root your phone, you can flash a custom recovery and do many things with your phone.

Unlocking bootloader erases everything in your phone and reset it to the factory settings.

Sharp Aquos S2 Unlocking Bootloader Prerequisite.

  • A PC.
  • Sharp USB Driver.
  • A Sharp Aquos S2.
  • Backup your phone.
  • A working USB Cord.
  • A Good Battery Backup.
  • An ADB Fastboot script.
  • Sharp S2 Bootloader unlock files.
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Having all this gives you a 100% chance of doing anything you want with your phone even installing a custom rom.

How to unlock Sharp Aquos S2 Bootloader

There are many Android phones that come with locked bootloaders and Sharp Aquos S2 is one of them.

Before you can do anything like rooting with the phone, you need to, first of all, unlock the bootloader.

A Windows PC CMD
[/media-credit] A Windows PC CMD

To Unlock Sharp Aquos S2 Bootloader.

  • Backup all your Stuff.
  • Power off your phone
  • Boot phone to Download Mode by pressing volume up and power button.
  • On your PC, type this command
  • Fastboot reboot bootloader.
  • Once you are in bootloader, first of all, you have to check how many tries is left in the device type by typing this command.
    fastboot.exe oem cert_timecount get
  • If it’s 0, you are good to go.
  • Next thing to do is to get the serial number of your phone by sending this command
  • fastboot getvar productid

    you will get a 16digits serial number of your phone.

  • You will need to convert the serial number into an md5 hash.
  • You will need to go to to do that.
  • After converting it, run this command in CMD.
    fastboot oem dm-verity
  • [md5 hash generated from serial number (without quotes)]
  • If it is successful, you will get an okay message.
  • The next thing to do is to send this command.
  • fastboot flash abl unlock.elf
  • Reboot to download mode by sending this command,
    fastboot reboot bootloader
  • After that, you then have to unlock your bootloader by sending
    fastboot oem unlock
  • Accept the unlocking Pop up message and your bootloader will be unlocked.
  • It is recommended to always set your fastboot limits anytime you use fastboot by sending this command,
    fastboot.exe oem cert_timecount set 100
  • When it gets to zero, you won’t be able to use fastboot again.

After Unlocking your Sharp Aquos S2 bootloader, you can go ahead and root it.

For you to root Sharp Aquos S2, you will need to flash a patched boot.img of sharp Aquos S2.

Copy the Downloaded patched image to PC.

How to root Sharp Aquos S using Fastboot.

  1. Download the patched boot.img
  2. Copy it to fastboot folder.
  3. Open CMD on PC.
  4. send this command
    fastboot flash boot nameofpatchedbootfile.img
  5. Reboot your phone with this command
    fastboot reboot
  6. You now have root on Your Phone.
  7. Install Magisk Manager.

You can also root Sharp Aquos S2 by flashing Magisk through TWRP and flashing Magisk through TWRP


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