How to score 100 in Mathematics – Follow these 7 simple tricks


Mathematics is an important subject. It gives other scientific subjects validation. Without mathematics, there will be no proof for many scientific theories thus making them invalid. To pursue any profession in science, a student must have a proper mathematical understanding.   

Mathematics might be a difficult subject among others but it is the easiest subject to score 100 out of 100 marks once a student understands it. Studying mathematics is quite different from other subjects.

A student cannot just read a concept and understand it. The concept needs an application too. Practice examples at a variety of difficulty levels of questions. NCERT textbooks from 9th to 12th are enough to revise all basic concepts of mathematics.

Answering questions properly is as important as solving them. To know how to write answers to NCERT solutions like RS Aggarwal Solutions Class 9 Ch 4 PDF is important.

In this article, we will discuss how to prepare for math to get 100% marks in detail.  

How to prepare for the exam?  

  • Make notes  

Students may wonder what to write in math notes and why is it necessary. Students must make separate notes for all the theorems, formulas, and key pointers. These notes are important to revise one day before or minutes before the exam.

Every theorem in the syllabus students can write in notes with proof. Write every formula that might come useful in the exam. Also, add some valuable pointers that will be useful in solving questions.

Make notes of important figures and diagrams from the textbook. In math, figures and graphs are important. From a geometrical point of view, it is important to draw figures where it is necessary like proofs of theorems, constructions, solving questions related to measurements, etc.

In algebra, graphs can be asked directly in the statistics section. Practice them before the exam and make use of them in the exam where it is necessary.  

  • Try to solve questions by yourself  

Math is easy when you practice and learn from your mistakes. Whenever a student is solving new questions, they might find them difficult to solve. The key point to note here is to never give up early.

Some questions are hard, that cannot be solved at the first go then you can refer to solutions for those questions. But do not refer to solutions for the questions right away. Spend more time on those questions, brainstorm on them and try to find the solution on your own. Hard questions solved on your help in remembering theories and concepts better.  

  • Be acquainted with the syllabus  

Whether a student is in 1st standard, 12th standard, or preparing for any exam, a student should be acquainted with the syllabus. Knowing the syllabus is the key to how to study the syllabus. Understanding the syllabus will give the right direction to the study. Know the syllabus and plan accordingly. Focus on chapters that have high marks. Prioritize the syllabus.  

  • Solving papers  

As mentioned in the article above, the key to mastering math is practice, and there is no other good option to practice math than solving papers. Practice papers hold the same difficulty level of questions as in the main exam. They create the same experience of giving the main exam that a student can assess his/her progress according to the performance in practice papers.

It is a simulation for the main exam to reduce the stress and anxiety of the main exam on a student. Solving papers will help in making a strategy for the exam. It will show the mistakes made during the exam beforehand so that a student can avoid making them in the exam and score higher.  

  • Accept your weak areas and define your strong areas  

Knowing yourself must be the priority for the student. Knowing the weaknesses and strengths will be an advantage during the preparation of math. Some students are good at algebra and some students are good at geometry.

Algebra means the calculations, solving equations, algebraic expressions, etc. Geometry means shapes, geometric properties, theorems, and their proofs, constructions, etc.

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Students must know their weaknesses and start work on it as soon as possible. Students can take help from teachers, friends, and the internet to learn the concepts if they are difficult to learn on their own and from the textbook. Strong areas must not be ignored.

Where students are paying extra attention to their weak areas, strong areas must be studied along with weak areas. This will make balance in studies and studying math will never be tiring.  

  • Revise learned concepts  

Math is not a memory-based subject. Revising concepts is the only way to remember the concepts from math. Concepts like algebraic equations and trigonometry need consistent practice. Formulas of trigonometry, measurements, etc. topics tend to be forgotten when they are not revised. Hence it is necessary to revise what you have learned to memorize the concepts.  

  • Master solution writing  

Solution writing is the most important part of the exams where the answer is asked with the required steps of calculation for that answer. Many students have had an experience where the teacher had cut their marks despite finding the correct answer for the question. Those marks are cut because the solution written in the exam is not showing the proper steps needed in finding the correct solution. Hence, write your solutions for questions carefully.

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Do not forget any step. Practice solution writing for the questions. Do not just solve questions, write their solution on a piece of paper and compare it with a reliable solution source. Note down mistakes which you are doing repetitively and try to avoid them by practicing solving similar types of questions.  


If students prepare for math from the above tips, they can surely score 100% marks. Keep in mind that preparing for a subject will mean nothing if students fail to present it in writing papers. Hence, with proper strategy, solve the paper in the exam within the given time. Do not stress the fact that there is a huge syllabus to cover. Make math a hobby or a fun activity so that it will not be difficult.   

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