SoftwareScreenRec - free full-featured screen capture app for developers, PMs, and everyone

ScreenRec – free full-featured screen capture app for developers, PMs, and everyone

Screen capture software helps you create interactive presentations, manage projects, provide remote assistance or create visual product guides with your computer. Depending on your job or the type of content you want to make, you may need to capture or record your screen. Whatever the case, you need full-featured screen capture software to create valuable content for your audience.  

ScreenRec is a highly rated and easy-to-use screen capture software for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS users. The app allows you to take a screenshot or make an audio-video record of your screen.

ScreenRec is lightweight and highly customizable; it can run on low-memory PCs without slowing down the processing speed. When installed and given the necessary permissions, the app will run in the background every time you turn on your computer.

You can easily open the app using a shortcut command, ALT+S. The command brings up the app’s interface and you choose the action you want to make.

In this ScreenRec review, we will review the core features of the app you need to create an engaging presentation or product documentation.

Key Features and functions of ScreenRec

Webcam and screen recording

ScreenRec allows screen recording with audio or voiceovers and a webcam presentation simultaneously. This makes the app perfect for personal and professional use. You can use ScreenRec for video game presentations or product demonstrations for clients, colleagues, or associates.  

Being able to create a video at the push of a button saves a ton of time. The software’s screen record and camera functions are simple to use, and it records videos in HD format.

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Audio capture

You can use ScreenRec as your audio recorder to create a voice note or audio of your environment. Also, you can use ScreenRec for your audio-visual presentations.

The app’s audio recording function comes on at the click of the mic or speaker button. However, when you launch the video recording mode, the mic is automatically turned.

Cloud storage

One of the few free screen recording apps that offers cloud recording is ScreenRec. The cloud recording feature allows you to create screen records and save them to a secure cloud storage platform simultaneously. ScreenRec offers free 2GB cloud storage, so you don’t need a Google 

Drive or DropBox account to save your files to the cloud.

ScreenRec is data efficient, so uploading your screencasts won’t take a lifetime. If you prefer hosting your file on local storage, you choose the storage option from the app’s interface.

Mouse Effect

ScreenRec’s mouse effect lets you highlight your cursor and add click sounds to your screen recording. This feature is useful for software product guides or any recorded demonstration.

Another useful feature on ScreenRec is the screen select function. This feature allows you to highlight the part of the screen you want to capture or record. This way, you can control the information you share in your screen record or capture. Sharing specific information allows your viewers to focus on important details.

Quick Sharing

For fast sharing, ScreenRec leverages cloud recording technology. When you enable this feature, it saves your information to the cloud automatically. Once you’re done recording, a link is generated to share the information with others.

ScreenRec is able to achieve fast upload because it sends recorded data to the cloud in pockets. By default, ScreenRec does not post the captured video to its cloud service. To enable media sharing, you must register for a free cloud account. You can register for cloud sharing using your email address, Facebook, Twitter, or Google account.

Use Cases for ScreenRec Recorder

When you want to share PC game hacks or software walkthrough – With a ScreenRec recorder, you can record your in-game tricks or product use step-by-step for your audience. 

Videos are engaging and have replay value. Your audience can pause the video anytime and always return to it when they are ready to learn more.

When you want to make a presentation – ScreenRec has the tools you need to create an engaging presentation with audio and video material. 

When you want instant sharing – Working with a screen recorder that promptly uploads and publishes your finished recordings saves time. ScreenRec has a cloud sharing function, which automatically uploads your file to the cloud after each recording. This feature makes content distribution easy. You can send your content to as many people as you want. 

When you need a free screen recorder – ScreenRec has a high cost-saving benefit in addition to being a productivity tool. It’s difficult to imagine that ScreenRec is absolutely free with its outstanding features. You can download the full-featured version of the app for free here.


Most operating systems come with default screen capture software, but these tools don’t hold a candle to dedicated, premium software like ScreenRec recorder.

High-quality MP4 recording, online sharing, no time limit, and no watermarks are some of the features that make ScreenRec the best screen recording software on the market.

If you need reliable and full-featured screen recording software for work or one-time use, try ScreebRec. The full-featured version of the app for Windows and Linus is free. 

Ifeanyi Okondu
Ifeanyi Okondu
Ifeanyi Joseph Okondu is a Product Manager, technical writer, and creative. Connect with him on LinkedIn

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