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Is your technique in search engine optimization effective? How can you make sure all your efforts will drive the best outcomes? What will you do to improve the performance of your site? Tracking the appropriate performance metrics allows you to find solutions to these concerns.

Key Performance Indicators functions as a control tool that allows you to know which techniques work and which did not. What is most vital, tracking the best KPIs is a superb way of avoiding spending money and time spending on something which is not pulling the anticipated profit.

Here are some of the vital indicators online marketers must focus on:

Organic Traffic

This measures the number of visitors that visit your website from the organic search result. Organic Traffic is considered one of the best and vital metrics to think of. Its development indicates you reached the main objective of SEO: increasing the number of people witnessing and visiting your online platform. Working with Google Analytics allows you to monitor daily searches in your website traffic easily.

Search Rankings

Search rankings are an important key performance indicator as it correlates directly with your success in SEO. If you get the higher positions in search results, you are about to get other objectives like conversions, leads as well as traffic.

Also, it is vital to monitor your rankings for the appropriate keywords. Therefore, if your site positions on the first page, your website traffic will not improve considerably.

You are able to track how your search positions for the target keyword are changing with tools like SEMRush or Rank Ranger. You can read this SEMRush vs. Rank Ranger post to know which one is best.  All you have to do is to key in your domain, choose the kind of SERP, import keywords list, and begin rank monitoring.

Search Visibility

This shows how often the domain is revealed in organic results for the keyword it is ranking for. Monitoring search visibility, you are able to witness positive dynamics even before the site begins attracting visitors. This can be an important driver for your SEO-based activity. This is valuable if you like to track the early outcomes of web optimization.


Links must be considered a key metric for SEO professionals and content marketers. Backlinks are amongst the essential aspects behind the rankings at this point. So meaning, your technique must revolve around getting links.

To make sure that you are developing a superior link profile, it is vital to monitor its quality score. For this, you will need a backlink analysis tool.

Organic CTR

CTR is a performance metric that measures the ratio of the clicks on the link to the whole number of users who have seen the search results. This is a vital search engine ranking signal. When your search snippets do not look enticing, even high rankings will not assists you in drawing more visitors. Thus, your click-through rate leaves much to be wanted. A low click-through rate will tell search robots your website does not meet the expectations of the users that might lead to lower rankings.

Concentrating on rankings and traffic, people frequently make a costly mistake taking for granted this key performance indicator.

 Branded Traffic

This refers to the traffic, which comes from those who searched for the keywords, which has the company name. If brand awareness is vital for the brand, branded traffic must be the primary key performance indicator.

As searches know what they wish by looking for the best keywords, this kind of traffic results in high conversion rates.

 Bounce Rate

This measures the number of your visitors who leave your site without taking action. This is a vital metric that is regarded by Google as a ranking factor. It depends on your business; a usual bounce rate must be between 40 to 60 %. Once the percentage is higher, it points to the page that isn’t pertinent to the search query.

Track the bounce rate of your page in the Overview report on Google Analytics to figure out which one results in a higher rate and try diverse techniques to know what can assists you lessen or reduce it.

 Average Session Duration

Average session duration is a vital metric you must think of to measure your website’s user engagement. Tracking session duration allows you to assess the superiority of the website and know if you want to implement modifications into the structure of your website. To have a long session time, you must develop an in-depth content structure.

Cost Per Click

Compared to paid campaigns, there is no amount you must give out to Google for each click from search results. But Organic Traffic has its cost as well.

CPC defines the amount you were going to pay for every visitor that comes from search results. You are able to work out this cost with this formula:

Your budget / Website traffic

Budget is the fund you spend on SEO, which includes SEO professional rates, copywriting, SEO tools, and many others. If your strategy in SEO is effective, the cost per click will lessen every month. 


This is a sign you are able to measure for your online campaigns. Calculating return on investment for search engine optimization, you will know if the net profit is worth the cash you give out optimizing the site.

It is common for this stricture to be unconstructive at the start. But, with a good technique, you will able to see the good dynamics in many months.

How to Define the Best KPIs?

Monitoring all the current metrics is a waste of your time. You must choose the individual set of key performance indicators based on the project objectives. Below are the criteria to consider when picking the KPIs for assessing the SEO results:

Specify Objective: Know your purpose if you like to draw more clients, specific the objective to something like grow the number of visitors by 20 percent.

Approve the Budget: Know the money you are able to give out on optimization prior to kick-off.

Choose the Best Tracking Tools: Do you utilize CRM systems or Google Analytics? Are you ready to buy renowned tracking tools? Automate tracking procedure to save time and acquire thorough reports.

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