Should Smartphones Be Banned in Colleges?

Students actively use different technological inventions. No matter where they are and what they do, youngsters cannot do without some devices. Thus, a smartphone is undoubtedly the most popular technological invention. It’s no more than a means to communicate.
Students carry out a lot of functions and tasks via a smartphone. However, not all habits are actually good. These incredible devices steal away a lot of time and distract. There are even more negative aspects. That’s why educators, parents, and of course, students should think whether smartphones should be used in colleges. Let’s consider the pros and cons.
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Main Disadvantages

The typical problems related to cell phone use are behavioral deviations and health complications. Besides, one should mention a decrease in learning abilities.

Depression Issue

Smartphones have a very negative effect on the mental state of people. One of the most typical side effects is depression. Many studies prove that these devices lower our mood and lead to various behavioral problems. Thus, some young people suffer from depressive symptoms that never occurred before. Though the relation isn’t direct, constant smartphone use is one of the triggers that start this dangerous mental state.

Strong Addiction

Another common and obvious negative effect is addiction. This tendency can be seen with the naked eye. People aren’t able to live without their small friends. They may simply check the time or review something without a clear purpose. The main sense for them is to just hold the phone in hands. This develops a strong addiction, which is compared with drug or alcohol dependence.

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Other Health Problems and Deviations

There are many other dangerous manifestations related to health. These are as follows:

  • Insomnia.
  • Stress.
  • Problems in private relations.
  • Poor sight.
  • Germs and infections.
  • Infertility.

One should be aware of these effects and use phones with great caution.

Social Distraction

Teens spend heaps of time on social media. Though they perfectly communicate there, many of them experience problems to talk in-person. They are brave and self-confident when they send messages. However, they forget how to get along with a person in reality. They isolate themselves from society.

Problems with Learning

Though modern technology helps to solve multiple academic tasks, it may likewise cause harm. If a student is strongly dependent on his/her small helper, what happens if it’s taken away? A student feels naked and insecure. He/she doesn’t know how to perform his/her tasks without a digital assistant and this leads to the degradation of learning skills.

Major Advantages

There are also positive effects as well. If you want to make a fair and correct decision, you should be aware of them too.

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Usefulness in Education

Some experts claim that the banishment of cell phones on campus is useless. Students will keep using them at home and simply in the street. A ban in colleges won’t have a decisive value.
Many people say that smartphones are too useful to be forbidden on campus. They have become an inevitable part of the learning process a long time ago. Students access whatever data is required, find trustworthy sources to fulfill merely every assignment they receive. Notwithstanding, the same people state the following argument – These devices must be used ONLY for educational purposes. Otherwise, they are useless and even harmful to children.

Development of Social Skills

Though too frequent use of smartphones may lead to social isolation, it may have an opposite effect. Many shy youngsters become more confident when they start to communicate with their mates via phones. They gradually improve their social skills.
Besides, collaboration or teamwork is one of the most effective educational methods. As a team, students achieve more compared to solo work. The results come faster and easier.

Continuous Learning

Thanks to modern technology, students can learn even when they aren’t in their classes. Before the era of technology gave us unique devices, it was hard to find materials to learn outside the class. Students had to go to libraries or buy books. Today, they can visit different online resources and get the required information. Even sitting in a café or in the park, they can get what is necessary via a phone.

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Quick Access to Information

Thanks to these amazing creations, students can find the necessary data in the blink of an eye. All they need are the keywords and access to the World Web. Thus, students can manage merely every task they are assigned.
Students access different forums and educational websites. They participate in various workshops, master-classes, pass online courses, and lessons. It’s easy to find detailed guides, which teach how to write any piece of writing. A single phone is a powerful link to knowledge.
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Contact with Parents

Another important benefit is the possibility to get connected to the closest people. Many students experience fear and stress induced by learning. A quick call and the sound of a friendly voice may overcome such unpleasant feelings.
As you can see, this medal has two sides. Which one to choose? Students and their parents should know all the pros and cons. If one uses smartphones reasonably, they should be allowed. Otherwise, they ought to be banned in colleges.

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