Snapchat and the Indians

Snapchat and the Indians

Snapchat and the Indians

It is trending all over the world that Snapchat Ceo Evan Spiegel said recently the app is not for poor people and poor countries like India and Spain. Snapchat is a social app which allows it, users, to chat and communicate with their users.
Users communicate by having a short video or image sharing and other sharing platforms.
It has been trending all over the world most especially in India since the ex-worker of Snapchat lamented the CEO Evan Spiegel said that the social app is not for a country like India and Spain but for rich people.Snapchat and the Indians
But in a discussion with Your Story, Evan Spiegel denied the claim and said that the social network is for everyone and it is free for download all over the world.
But Indians didn’t take it likely with the social network and have started eating the app one star on Google play store and Apple Store, most of them said they wish they can give the app a zero rating though the two stores didn’t give them the chance but limited it to one star.

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What you should Know.

Though it is not clear whether the CEO of Snapchat really made the comment or is Pompliano trying to give the company a bad name because they fired him.
Pompliano was an ex-worker of the Snap Inc who the company alleged that was fired due to his poor performance in the company.
But what do you think that is going to be the date of Snapchat since some people especially the Indians has believed that Evan Spiegel really made the comment about their country India.
They were gravely fed up with Snapchat that they took to it’s Android and Apple stores to underrate the social apps giving it one star and making a vigorous comment about the network.
Meanwhile, Pompliano has provided a filed documents as part of the case against Snapchat in the court.

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Pompliano filed documents shows that he was fired because he discovered the untruthful stat of how the company measures the engagement of it users.

He also mentioned that he engaged in a discussion with Evan Spiegel concerning the growth of the company in which the CEO of the company replied that the social network (Snapchat) is not for the poor but for the rich and does not want expanse to the poor countries like India and Spain.
In our point of view, we are deeply concerned about the presence of Snapchat in the social world and in the mobile market.
What will happen if the Indians continue to underrate the social networking app in its stores?
Snapchat has a recorded a massive income in the recent year to compare with its previous years in the social world.
They have recorded a big turnout from $58.7 to $404.5 million from 2016 to 2017.
But Can the allegations of Pompliano concerning the social networking company be true and if it’s true, how can a technocrat make that kind of mistake and what is going to be the presence of Snapchat after this incident in the social world?.
Snapchat is a social network which generates revenue from providing an advertisement to it users through Snapcash.
Our question is, is Snapchat going to survive the heat of the coming from India, as a result, a result of the action on the app stores.

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