Download SuperSU ZIP File and How to root with SuperSU ZIP

Did you download SuperSU and tried many rooting methods and none worked out or tried much time to root your phone with the SuperSU zip file and it didn’t work? Today, I am going to fix it for you

Getting started, you should know what rooting is and what good and bad it might bring to you. You must have known what is SuperSU, what is SuperSU ZIP File, SuperSU BinarySuperSU App, and lastly, rooting with SuperSU.

When you must have concluded that you wish to proceed after the knowledge of the above questions, then you are good to go.

Okay, let’s go. For the newbie here, Let’s take it one after the other.

What is SuperSU?

SuperSU is an Android rooting privilege that allows a superuser to access android apps that require root. This means that with SuperSU, a user can control the access right between a root app and Android.

When a SuperSU is installed on your phone, any app developed to have root access, you can manage their requests and access through a SuperSU App. Without a SuperSU installation, you cannot have those privilege to access and manage to apps

What is the SuperSU ZIP File?

Before you can get root access on Android smartphones, you will need to root your phone first. SuperSU zip file contains the whole requirements needed to get root access.

When you download the SuperSU zip file, you download both the SuperSU binary and SuperSU App. SuperSU zip file is normally a flashable zip file that requires custom recovery before you can flash or install it.

Even though you can get root access in some Android smartphone without flashing the SuperSU zip file, but the chances of rooting your phone without it is very low now as the Android securities are upgrading every day.

In the past, you can get superuser access by just installing some Android mobile rooter app but now, the possibilities are low due to Android security patches and upgrades.

What is SuperSU Binary?

Everything that surrounds SuperSU depends on SuperSU Binary. Once placed at the right place, BAM, you have gotten root access.

Right now, you have no need of knowing the directory of the installation because you won’t even have access to it.

For a user to get root access, when a SuperSU zip file is flashed, it installs some SuperSU binary written by Chainfire in some respected folder, and from there, SuperSU can give administrative access to the user.

Even if you install any root access app with installing or flash SuperSU binary, you won’t be able to get root access on your smartphone.

What is SuperSU App?

A SuperSU app is an android superuser apk file developed by Chainfire that allows a superuser access android root apps request.

With a SuperSU App flashed or installed on your phone, whenever an app request root access, with SuperSU App, you can control their access and grant or reject their request.

One of the Cons of rooting Android is granting superuser access to a malicious app, trust me, your phone is gone from that moment, not only that it will spread the malicious files to your smartphone but you won’t even know what is happening to those your little privacy.

That’s by the way, so, with SuperSU App, you can control their requests, access, and privileges.
There are many options available both in SuperSU free and SuperSU pro version of the SuperSU App.

With it, you can revoke superuser root access, grant superuser root access, deny superuser root access, and many others.

If you lost your app or mistakenly uninstalled SuperSU App or removed it before to avoid supersu application asking for root for superuser access, you can download it here

Download SuperSU Latest V2.82 APK

Download Version V2.82 SuperSU (APK)
From the little explanations above if you really understand them one after the other, you might decide whether you want to move on with downloading and rooting with Download SuperSU ZIP File and How to root with SuperSU ZIP.

Root with SuperSU ZIP

Like I explained above, by now you should know that SuperSU ZIP is a flashable file. Once a flashable file involves in Android development, it requires having a custom recovery.

You should know what custom recovery is and what benefit it brings to an Android smartphone.

Before you can root with the SuperSU ZIP file, you will need to flash a custom recovery to your smartphone. You can google search about custom recovery for your smartphone. If there is any release or ported custom recovery, you can download it and root it with the SuperSU Zip file.

In this post, I am going to tell you how you can root with the SuperSU file but I am only going to cover about flashing it with a custom recovery called TWRP Recovery.

There are other custom recoveries that you can port to your smartphone but TWRP recovery is the most used and managed custom recovery for Android smartphone wit updates.

SuperSU ZIP File Versions Download

SuperSU ZIP Latest(V2.82)

Download Latest Version SuperSU Zip(flashable).

SuperSU V2.79 Flashable

Download Version V2.79 SuperSU Zip(flashable).

SuperSU V2.78

Download Version V2.78 SuperSU Zip (flashable).

SuperSU V2.76

Download Version V2.76 SuperSU Zip (flashable).

What is TWRP Recovery?

What is TWRP Recovery
What is TWRP Recovery

TWRP stands for Team Win Recovery Project. It is a customized or custom Android recovery.

TWRP Recovery is  an open-source software custom recovery image for Android-based smartphones and Tablets – Wikipedia.
It comes with a touchsreen feature that enables user to do many things they cannot do with their stock recovery.

It is used to replaces the stock Android recovery and can be used to install custom roms or firmware to any Android smartphones.
You can use TWRP Recovery to install custom zips, root, install custom or stock images, and do a complete backup of your smartphone. There are many other features too in TWRP.
Because the stock recoveries function and capabilities are limited, you can lift those functions using a custom recovery or TWRP recovery.

If there is no TWRP for your smartphone, you can make one for yourself from here, it’s mainly for MediaTek smartphone but also works perfectly for other Socs.

Learn how to make TWRP Recovery for your smartphone

Because the installation and flashing of custom recovery or TWRP recovery might be different depending on socs, smartphone makers, chipset, and brands, I won’t be covering any method here.

Anywhere you have must be gotten TWRP or a custom recovery, they are going to provide a way you can flash them to your smartphone, if they didn’t, drop your comment and the end of the post and I will help you out.

How to root with SuperSU ZIP File using TWRP Recovery.

  1. First, Flash TWRP recovery to your smartphone.
  2. Take a complete backup of your smartphone with TWRP recovery.
Back Up with TWRP Recovery
Back-Up with TWRP Recovery

Download any version of the SuperSU ZIP file but the latest one preferably. Copy the downloaded SuperSU Zip File to the root of your SD card or internal memory. Power down your smartphone(power off). Boot your smartphone to fastboot or recovery mode, whichever place that goes first. Once you are on TWRP recovery, click on Install.

Install SuperSU ZIP file
Install SuperSU ZIP file

Once you click on Install, it will bring your Internal memory first, if the downloaded SuperSU Zip is your internal memory, you can scroll down and flash it, if its not, click up and select external memory.

Select SuperSU ZIP in TWRP Recovery and flash
Select SuperSU ZIP in TWRP Recovery and flash

Click on SuperSU and flash it. When finished, clear the cache if you want or just reboot. After rebooting, you can open your apps and you will see the SuperSU app on your list.

After flashing the SuperSU zip file, everything I explained, in the beginning, will start on your smartphone, now, you have superuser access on your smartphone.

To make sure everything is working fine, first of all, launch the SuperSU app and choose whether to connect with the developer or not, after that, navigate through the app or just go back.

Install root checker or launch any of your app that requests superuser access. wait for a root request permission to come up and choose whether to deny or grant root access.

How to Uninstall SuperSU

Well, no matter everything, things might go south and you might want a turnaround, that’s fine, I can help you fix things.

There is a difference between uninstalling SuperSU App from uninstalling SuperSU Binary or unrooting your phone. Please Take note of the two.

When you uninstall the SuperSU App, it just uninstalls the app but leaving every change you made in the app.

No app is going to ask you for superuser access. Whenever you install any root permission android application, it will make use of the flashed SuperSU Binary.

Some of the root permission android application is kingo android root apk.
So, to completely remove superuser access entirely.

  • Open SuperSU Apk
  • Navigate to Setting
  • Find the CleanUp option
  • Click on Full Unroot and Confirm to continue
  • After unrooting, reboot your phone and you are root free.

If you experience any problem or difficulty to Download SuperSU ZIP File and root with SuperSU ZIP, please drop a comment for a quick fix.

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