3 Technologies Transforming Online Experiences

Technology is constantly evolving, particularly when it comes to the emergence of immersive online experiences.

Technologies Transforming Online Experiences

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at just a few of the key technologies transforming online experiences. 

  1. AR and VR 

Online casino games have authentic gameplay through unique sound design, historic or popular themes, or draw from pop culture and mythology. Games like Big Bass Bonanza riff off the popular pastime of fishing, for instance, introducing graphics like fishermen, bass, fishing rods, fishing bobbers, and toolboxes for authentic fishing-themed gameplay. 

Imagine that you could hold the fishing rod yourself, throw out the line, and reel in the catch whilst feeling the resistance – this can be made possible by virtual reality (VR). Further to this, augmented reality (AR) could bring virtual elements into your home. As VR creates a new digital landscape, and AR adds digital elements to real life environments, these technologies have the potential to make online gaming feel more real, more interactive, and ultimately more immersive. 

  1. AI and Perceptive Intelligence
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AI is seemingly everywhere at the moment, with more potential being unlocked every day. As reported by CNN, generative AI is already taking sectors like gaming by storm. AI can also be integrated into online interactive platforms to provide responsive and adaptive gameplay, rather than simply following a predetermined, linear narrative. In this sense, AI is often used to animate characters that are not controlled by the player (otherwise known as NPCs), allowing them to act intelligently and perceptively. 

As such, AI can provide an extra layer of storytelling to gameplay. Let’s go back to our fishing example – with AI, the fishermen or even the fish themselves could interact with the player as though they were controlled by a real person. This can allow for broader characterization, and support more complex gameplay innovations, as the AI characters can assist players during the game. Due to this, the gameplay can be more personalized and tailored.

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  1. Increasing Connection and Experience Through Gameplay

Last, but by no means least, real-time analytics can help the developers of online slots constantly improve their offerings. According to UX Magazine, the benefit of real-time data collection is threefold – it helps to understand user behavior and thus optimize graphics, visual and soundtracks provide personalized incentives to users, and ensures that time and money are invested into the right areas for reliable and consistent improvements. 

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Say that the fishing rod graphic glitches but only when used by users using a certain operating system, for example. By collecting and analyzing what users are doing, and whether they are satisfied, allows gaming platforms to identify potential issues before they arise and better understand what users want and what they enjoy playing. Developers can then make more informed decisions to ensure that they satisfy customer needs, the experience functions correctly and reliably, and can be consistently optimized for users to enjoy. 

With these technologies transforming online experiences in hand, future online experiences have the potential to be increasingly optimized, personalized, interactive, and realistic. 

Daniel Odoh
Daniel Odoh
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