Understanding How Technology Supports Modern E-betting


Online gambling is one of the favorite entertainments of millions of people. Sports betting dominates among the various alternatives offered by gambling platforms. Technology helps this industry continue to grow and provide a better experience for sports fans. Do you know how technology favors sports betting?

Live sport betting

Until recently, the only way to bet on a sport was to do it before the match started. Today, technology allows platforms to continue receiving bets once the game starts. Live sports betting is one of the most exciting ways to bet. The user can make his predictions before a match and can continue betting once the game starts, based on his development. In this way, you have access to a game broadcast and odds that are constantly changing to suit the conditions of the match.

Mobile betting

More and more people use their cell phones to surf the Internet and access their favorite platforms through apps. For this reason, the sportsbooks have launched their mobile versions of the site. Thus, users download an application. And can access all the matches of their favorite sport on their cell phones. Mobile betting improves the experience since it is an app specifically designed for the mobile environment in which the user navigates and places bets more easily.

The best odds and forecasts

Lastly, technology helps improve the information gathered by sportsbooks. A platform can only offer the best odds and forecasts if it has the technology behind it to analyze large volumes of information. Artificial intelligence compares all the data of the teams and players to calculate each of the types of bets. Thus, the user can have the certainty of accessing updated information to improve their chances of winning.

Sports betting became one of the public’s favorite entertainments, but technology is also behind its growth. Live, mobile betting are some of the new modalities introduced by technological innovation.

How technology has changed the sport

Technology has had a profound impact on football. Especially how the sport has been watching over the past year. Advances in technology have allowed fans to enjoy live-streamed matches, replay, place sports bets directly from their mobile phones, or play sports games online.

Today’s football has nothing to do with how football was played and enjoyed just 50 years ago. And perhaps we have become so used to advances in technology that we are not even aware of what surrounds us and the impact it has had on the sport.

 We can say that thanks to the technology used on the playing field and in the refereeing of matches, the game is fairer, the players are better protected. And the sport has a greater reach than it had a few decades ago. 

The Information Age has also contributed to the popularity of this sport. Technology has provided the means to enjoy and get the most out of sports.

Digital arbitration

The times when the referee was indicted for not seeing what was happening on the playing field or for judging are not so far away, according to some estimates, wrong. 

Cameras at every corner of the stadium, super slow cameras, closed-loop video systems, improved communications, and other digital refereeing systems have contributed to more accurate and fair game.

Player monitoring

Technological advancements allow players to unleash their full potential. Real-time monitoring makes them more protected. The health and limitations are known in greater detail thanks to heart rate markers and medical controls. In addition, its performance will continue to increase with athlete-focused technology and improved equipment.

Big Data 

Big Data represents a large volume of information. The amount of data is so large that it requires the latest technology and artificial intelligence to analyze it and extract valuable information.

You can use Big Data analysis for three purposes:

  • Analyze the previous meetings of two teams, last matches of each one, the present and the statistics of their players.
  • Establish the best odds based on this analysis.
  • Know the behavior of users to offer the types of bets they prefer.

Communication in the field

It started when FIFA allowed communication between referees and linesmen using headsets. Finally, since 2018, full communication has been allowed between the coaching staff on and off the pitch, so the technical and medics can quickly assess how to act in the event of injuries or make important decisions at critical moments.


Perhaps the technology that has revolutionized football the most is the Video Assisted Referee (VAR), first used in 2016. VAR aims to assist the head referee and prevent him from making serious mistakes during a match. At the moment, this technology can only be used in four specific situations: in the event of goals, penalties, red cards, and identity errors.

Sports bets

The combinations of the latest technology and interest in sports have prompted bookmakers to offer bets on all sports. Online sports betting today is increasingly popular with young people. The bookmakers and mobile applications offer multiple betting options, simple and combined, either on match results, positions in the League, or bets on specific players. With the ease of downloading an application on your mobile phone, advances in technology have been crucial in the rise of sports betting.

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The future: AI

What will be the technology of the future? There is no doubt that technology will continue to advance in great strides, and the technology we know today will be more established. Future professional sports are predicted to provide personalized monitoring options thanks to Artificial Intelligence with specific training solutions. With teams of technicians working every day to improve equipment, player performance, and control of all factors that influence the game, the future of technology applied to sports is promising.

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