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The 4 Best Apps For All Your Group Chats

While most messaging applications have group chat functions – like Twitter and Instagram. You will notice that there are specific applications that handle the function of “group chatting” way better than others.

Some applications are just better at managing conversations between multiple people. Hence, it becomes very necessary to research properly before selecting on a certain platforms.

Keep reading till the end to find out more about the best apps for all your group chats!

4 Best Applications For Holding Group Chats

Here is a list of the four best applications that are the best for having group chats:

  1. Whatsapp

Whatsapp can be considered a real powerhouse when talking about conversation portals (especially regular one-to-one chats). Group chatting is also a great feature of it, among others. They also include a wide variety of tools – including location sharing, chatting, sending voice notes, video calling, voice calling, etc. They are considered as a Meta-owned platform and is also arguably one of the best. 

If you set up a Whatsapp group, you can add up to more than five hundred people in it. There’s also option of sharing polls, making video and audio calls with the entire group feature, customizing chat and setting up self-destructing messages, etc, up in on there.

  1. Discord

Discord is actually very similar to the platform of Slack because it offers both private and public channels to have a more open form of discussion, but one can clearly set up a server that is capable of handling thousands of individuals and hundreds of custom channels. 

The group channels and group chats can involve video and audio calls both, ability to mention users, file sharing, and other cool features (like one can take up a Nitro subscription that starts at a rate of 3 dollars per month).

  1. Google Chat

This particular platform is high-speed, clean, tightly integrated into other applications, and very efficient as well. 

The group chats here can include up to 150 participants, where all the basics will be covered, including sharing of files. This platform also has a very advanced approach towards a chat option labeled as “Spaces,” where one can assign tasks to several people, customize group names and even use threaded conversations like the platform Slack. This platform is more suited towards teams for work, but one can still use them for whatever they like.

  1. GroupMe

If you are specifically after a platform that is built and meant for group chats, then you must give the platform “GroupMe” a go. It has almost everything that one would generally expect for creating and managing multiple group chats, the ability to set up events inside of groups, simple video and photo sharing, numerous group chats, etc. 

Hence, if one lives in a terribly dense type of neighborhood, there’s a meager chance of hitting that limit. One can easily reply to specific messages, create group polls, and even mention other users. 

On this particular application, one can have up to five thousand people in group chats.


Here are a few frequently asked questions regarding applications for group chats:

  1. What is a group chat app?

A: A Group Chat is very similar to the chat features that one gets when having a one-on-one conversation on an online messaging platform. Group Chats allow talking to multiple people at the same time.

  1. What application can be considered better than Whatsapp?

A: The Telegram (Messenger) has actually been known since before to be the best WhatsApp competitor out there, even for a while now, and that still has yet to change. Telegram is the best open-source messaging app and a great alternative to WhatsApp as well. If you’re looking to enhance your Telegram experience, consider exploring options to buy Telegram members, boosting your group’s reach and engagement effortlessly.

  1. Is Google Duo good for making group calls?

A: Google Duo also offers group video calls for up to thirty-plus people. To create a group, one needs to tap on “Create A Group,” which appears at the bottom of the screen of Google Duo, and then select the contacts whom one wants to add (and make a call with).

  1. What replaced Google Duo?

A: Both Google Meet and Google Duo have now combined to form a new application – especially for holding meetings and video calling. Anyone and everyone who has a Google account can set up a video meeting, invite participants (of up to 100) and also meet for a time limit of up to an hour max – and at no additional cost. 

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To Wrap It Up

That was all for information regarding the best apps which are meant for holding group chats. Thank you for reading up till here. I hope you found the information useful. Let me know in the comments your thoughts on the same.

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