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The 5 best Android emulators for PC

It is difficult to see someone without a smartphone in their hands, either at home or when walking down the street. Smartphones have changed our lives a lot in recent years, from being devices to call and send messages to be able to do many more tasks.
Now we can manage our email, monitor different elements of our health when exercising, enjoy multimedia content and much more. All thanks to the praised applications.
Although today everyone has a mobile phone at their fingertips, not all smartphones are equally powerful or compatible with all applications. There are even times when, although an app is developed for them, it is easier or more useful to use an application on a platform such as the PC.
Fortunately, on PC you can make use of Android emulators that allow users to enjoy Android on PC, as well as all its applications. And is that emulators are compatible with the vast majority of applications that are published. Only in very specific cases are there apps that are not compatible with these emulators.
Whatever the case, emulating Android on the computer is something very simple to do. And here we will show you the Best Android Emulator for PC in 2018 (Top 18 Android Emulator) to date, in no particular order.

The 5 best Android emulators for PC

1. BlueStacks – The best PC 2018 Android emulator

BlueStacks The best PC 2018 Android emulator
BlueStacks The best PC 2018 Android emulator

BlueStacks is one of the best Android emulators for PC, and it is still at the top of that list. A program designed to run any Android application on a computer.
It has incredible performance and is compatible with 98% of apps available in the market. Users make use of BlueStacks as an emulator to be able to enjoy Android games, especially those that demand a higher performance to work.
A very favorable point for BlueStacks is that the sensors and the camera are integrated so that you can enjoy the full Android experience. As well as it has support for Android TV and a root version is available to enjoy all the functions of the system.
In addition, it has a feature called “Bluestacks Cloud Connect”, which allows you to synchronize the applications you have installed on the mobile with the emulator, in addition to having some applications already preinstalled.
In general, it is considered that this is the best emulator for beginners since it is simple but effective. It does not have as many functionalities as others, but it perfectly covers the needs of the user.
Download: BlueStacks 

2. Nox App Player

Nox App Player
Nox App Player

Lightweight and with a very clean interface, this is Nox App Player, one of the fastest and lightest Android PC emulators you can find today.
The emulator, which declares itself to be the best in the industry to play Android games on PC, is compatible with a large number of applications and Android games, both light and heavy. You can use the keyboard and mouse as emulator controls when playing any title, which offers a better gaming experience.
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On the right side of the screen, you can find the controls and settings of the emulator. From this panel you can edit virtually everything related to the program, being able to customize the user experience.
One of its star characteristics in terms of customization is in its appearance, with the possibility of choosing different “skins” for NoxPlayer.
Download: Nox App Player

3. Remix Os Player – The most advanced emulator on the market

The most advanced Android emulator for PC to be able to enjoy your favorite games on this platform. Remix Os Player is optimized for running Android games, being one of the best performers at the time of playing. You can use both the keyboard and the mouse to enjoy a better gaming experience.
When we talk about Android games we often find games by turns, or in which you have to wait. A clear example is Clash of Clans. Thanks to Remix Os Player you can play several games at the same time without having to close any of them when you change.
One of the great features of this emulator is that it leaves behind Android KitKat and Lollipop, the versions of the system that are most used in these programs. Unlike the competition, Remix Os Player integrates Android Marshmallow, a newer version of the system, and compatible with more titles.
Download: Remix Os Player

4. ARChon – Android Emulator in Chrome

ARChon Android Emulator in Chrome
ARChon Android Emulator in Chrome

It is a light emulator that allows running Android applications in Chrome. Thanks to this, it can be used in Windows, Mac, Linux and basically any operating system that supports Google Chrome and its extensions.
Thanks to this software, which is installed as a browser extension, you can make use of more than 1.300 million applications on the PC. Its performance is incredible, applications open quickly and operate smoothly, which has made it one of the best Android emulators for PC.
Download: ARChon

5. MEmu


For years, MEmu is one of the best Android PC emulators that you can see. In addition, it is completely free and does not integrate advertising, as other programs do to emulate applications on a computer.
It has a clean and simple interface, very similar to the one used by Nox App Player, with a side menu where you can access many program settings.
Compatible with the keyboard, mouse and even allowing you to change the format from mobile to tablet, MEmu is focused on Android games. A powerful and lightweight emulator with which to play your favorite Android titles on PC, regardless of whether it is light games or much heavier deliveries that require good performance.
This is the free Android emulator to play on PC faster that can be found today. Title claimed by the developers themselves. What is undoubted is that MEmu offers one of the best gaming experiences among PC application emulation programs that can be found in the market.
And the best part is that it’s completely free, and you do not have to suffer from annoying ads, not at least from the emulator.
Download: MEmu


These Android PC emulators are our Five best Android emulators for PC. Depending on the features you are looking for, you can choose one without problems. There is a world of possibilities!
We hope that the list has been useful for you. As always, we invite you to do your own research, and if you have any questions, leave us a comment. Besides, if you think we left a good emulator on the outside, you can also leave it in the comments ❤.
And you, do you already use an Android emulator on your computer?

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