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The Future of Healthcare Data

Have you ever wondered what happens to your healthcare data after you get your blood drawn, go to a hospital, or see the doctor at a doctor’s office? And did you know that all of those charts full of information about you and any medical conditions you have ever had don’t actually belong to you?.

Our healthcare data belongs to the health industry, and while our private information, such as our name, is protected by HIPAA, the rest of our information is owned by larger healthcare corporations. They do this so that they may conduct research and have data on certain diseases or to follow when producing new medication. 

Not only that, but that healthcare data is worth billions of dollars, and while the big healthcare companies profit from your healthcare data, you aren’t directly benefiting in any way. Additionally, healthcare corporations are using data without providing treatment plans that will precisely work for all individuals. This is because every individual has different medical needs. It is why we think it is essential for you to understand the future of healthcare data and retain ownership of it.

Let’s explore the different benefits of owning your healthcare data and how the future is changing the path of healthcare data.

Monetary Compensation

The future of healthcare data holds many more benefits for you than you think. For one, taking ownership of your healthcare data allows you to get monetary compensation. Recent data shows that depending on the type of healthcare data, anindividual’ss records can be worth anywhere from $1500 – $5000. Rather than letting the big medical industries benefit from your healthcare data, take ownership of it and start putting money in your pocket. 

Final Decisions on Who Has Access to Your Data and WhoDoesn’tt

Ownership of your healthcare data allows you to determine who can and can not have access to your data. Additionally, you can decide which studies you want to participate in and may even find studies for which you can get paid. Rather than having your data exchanged without your knowledge, you can take that control back.

Product Recommendations

Retaining ownership of your healthcare data also allows you to have personalized health product recommendations. For example, now that you own the data, you can access it all in one place. This allows medical professionals to analyze the data entirely so that they may recommend the best treatment plans, including different foods to eat or avoid and what exercises may be best for them to achieve their goals.

Additionally, you could get recommendations on your sleep habits and how to enhance them to encourage better rest. Finally, it is important to mention that product recommendations would be so tailored to you that you are more likely to achieve desired results than if you were taking a product thawasn’t’t tailored to your specific needs.  

The Benefits for Large Corporations

The future of healthcare data not only benefits you but also benefits large corporations that research healthcare data. This is because the information they are getting may not be the entire data needed to make good research decisions.

When you choose to participate with corporations for studies, you are giving them access to all the healthcare data that they need, including things thewouldn’t’t have before because of HIPAA. With that, they can better develop products specifically made for the needs that an individual may have.

Rather than making a product that they assume will be a one size fits all product for everyone, the data can be analyzed individually to ensure that products are targeting the appropriate problems. 

Final Thoughts

Healthcare data continues to move in a different direction. First of all, individuals will highly benefit from retaining ownership rather than letting larger corporations keep profiting from it.

Not only are there monetary compensations for individuals who want to own their data and decide who they want to sell it to, but they can also benefit medically. Owning their data can give them access to the best medical professionals who will provide personalized health product recommendations tailored to their individual needs.

Additionally, individuals can decide who they want to have their healthcare data and who don’tdon’t want to have it. Finally, the medicine of the future will be more efficient and successful once the needs of individuals are determined, and the appropriate medication or treatment plan is recommended. Join the others taking ownership of their data and sign up today to be a beta tester.

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