The new Rebranded Godaddy Live Chat

The new Rebranded Godaddy Live Chat.

I know you want fast access to those people on the inside, you don’t want to keep waiting for a reply from your ticket or maybe your queries requires an instant answer but you get none because there is no live chat place there? But now things are getting better.
It is Back, The new rebranded Godaddy Live Chat.
Godaddy has been a good hosting provider for many years back and still carries the good reputation till today. It has been many choices of people in the world of hosting and domain.
If I would want a Web Hosting provider that is self-explained and User-Friendly, Honestly it will Godaddy. In the web hosting world, Support has been the priority.

Contact Support
Since I started my web activities, I can tell you the truth that GoDaddy makes online or web practice enjoyable.
Godaddy is the highest domain Registrar in the whole world as of 2016. They have sold many domains to people, they existed since ***. Many hosting companies and Registrars are being hosted or domain purchased on Godaddy just to tell you how popular they are.
In the part of the domain, Godaddy started doing promotions which gave them a huge online presence. Many Companies don’t use this strategy but Godaddy used it to make their online presence.
Since they started doing the promotions, they have been getting a huge amount of Traffic and Customer more than any other web Hosting company companies.
I discovered that since Godaddy started doing their promotions in the previous years, they removed the Godaddy Live Chat from the website.
Their reason for making the move might have been to protect them from too much disturbance or some other things that are best know them.
One thing with live chat is that a user can contact the company support board without being a member depending on how the company configured the live chat script.
But once removed, support is only available to the registered user only and the non-registered customer can use the contact us page if they need any information from the company.
One of my favorites in any business transaction is having a live chat with the company and trying to do business with, live chat provides easier access to inquiries and makes customers have more confidence in any company or partnership.
When Godaddy Removed their Live chat, it was kinda not easy with people who are unable to perform some certain things in Godaddy like making purchases and buying some packages.
One of the things that make GoDaddy more difference is user-friendly, Am I right? I still have not come across any Domain web hosting Company that is more friendly to me than Godaddy, every single part of the user control panel are friendly and you don’t need to make big research about it before you can use it.
You can access your Godaddy Account from any Device so easy.
It is the only domain registrar that I have accessed my account dashboard through a java phone browser and I was able to do everything that I wanted to do.
Which means that even a new webmaster or blogger can easily access their Godaddy account with their phones or Tablets.
Most Companies that user live chat perform pretty well more than companies that don’t have live chat.
Some live chats take time before a customer support agents attend to you.
In some live chats, Patience is the only key that can keep you waiting for an answer.
But it is way better than using a ticket support.

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Godaddy Honda (Wikimedia)
Most of my web activities are being done using my smartphone. I hardly use a PC for my web activities.
I went to GoDaddy to look for a domain and was poked by new GoDaddy live chat.
It was on the left behind the side of my Browsers screen. I wouldn’t have noticed it but it was hiding one of the suggested domain they listed for me and I was pushed to test it and Behold I saw an improvement.
When I clicked the Live Chat on my Phone. ‘t didn’t pop up but a slide up tab came up and requires only my name to start with. I was surprised.
When I filled the form with my name, it told me that I have to wait that there are customers ahead of me. The scores were the number of people that are ahead of me was quite waiting for. I was 6 peoples.
In the first place, I don’t want to chat with them, I just want to know if that live chat works or not, while I was waiting, the number dropped to 5 then 4 in some seconds, wow! I said myself and then, I know that things gonna work very well from the look of things.
Within two minutes, My number of awaiting customers finished and I was in. They chat begins since I don’t have any serious thing to say, I asked a silly question and disappeared.
I was happy with the impression that at last, they made it back to their website, Their New Rebranded Live Chat is finally there, I can now ask questions before making purchases. I can no longer fall into problems with them.
What do you think about the new Rebranded Godaddy Live Chat? Have you checked it out? Do you think it make sense.

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