The three stages of a revolution in the field of Logo Making

Logos were underrated at early ages and people did not think that these logos could be important for any purpose other than just entertainment.
They thought that these are small graphical images that carry no value. But then people started to think differently and started to consider logos as an important part of their marketing and branding campaigns. They started to use logos for making the attraction of the potential customers to be gathered as well as making the people have an idea about the company or the product.
These logos gradually became the most important part of the campaign and before starting any business or launching a product logos were the first step to its campaign.
But here the point is that we have seen that logos gaining importance and because of that we have seen that the field of logo making has been evolved. Here we have mentioned three stages that have been seen in the field of logo making.

Drawing and sketching was a creative method to design or make a logo in the old times. People who were good at sketching and drawing used to do it. Logo making at the time had a different purpose and logos at that time were only used to represent companies.
This method required special artists to give untiring efforts to give some amazing logos. Papers and pens or manual things were used to make the logos and that was a time when originality was considered to be the most important thing. This was the early age of logo making.

  • Software and Digital logo making

Then came in the time when technology took over everything. The world started to become digitalized and people then made the field of logo designing to be brought upon the digital mediums.
Logo designers now started to pick software to make the logos. Their logos made the logo design easy and to give it more perfection.
Here the field started to rely on the skills of using the software as well as creativity. Creativity which is one of the basics of these fields of logo making was made to be improved through this software.
The people started to work on this software to make the logos and the designs that they made became inch perfect as well as 3D and animated logos became a concept after the induction of this software.
This software where on the one hand eased the way for the designers, on the other hand, made it become a more professional field. Also, it was considered in the field that now only people who knew how to use technology could become logo designers and this made the people who loved colors and creativity to learn the use of those technologies.
So it was actually not a win-win situation but this was a change in the field that had both positive as well as negative aspects.

  • Online tools

After it was seen that such software has made the field have an encounter with these issues people started to think about different ways to design logos and then free logo makers and download became a new concept in the field. These logo makers were to assist people in their logo making needs.
Now the people had an option to make logos for themselves using just a tool and their dependency on experts was kicked out of the field. Also, the costs were reduced and online access was the cherry to the cake.
These tools made the people have different designs and templates that could be customized according to their respective specifications. This is the most recent invention in the field of logo designing which has got effective results in the field.
The field has shifted from manual means to completely being on technological mediums and this is what field has revolved in. The field although still appreciates the creativity and there is no room for people or companies that have no creativity or innovation in their logos.

Daniel Odoh
Daniel Odoh

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