TheWiSpy [Tested]: Best Spy App for Android That Really Works

The rising cases of cyberbullying and infidelity have made every person worried about the online presence of their loved ones. People choose spy apps for Android smartphones because sneaking into someone’s cell phone is a tough job. Nobody leaves their mobile devices even for a second. 

Parents are concerned regarding the digital presence of their kids, and spouses are worried if their partner is cheating on them with an online affair. On the contrary, business owners are facing trouble due to increased employee cell phone usage. The use of hidden spy apps for Android is the only possible way to keep eyes on children, partners, and employees remotely. 

We have already done the homework for you if you are looking for the best spy app for Android.

This article will introduce you to the robust Android monitoring app TheWiSpy.

Continue reading and discover functionality, features, pricing, and other details about the world’s best spy app for Android – THEWISPY.

TheWiSpy Review: Best Spy App for Android That Really Works:

With increased cyber red flags and online infidelity being common, many people are stressed over finding spy apps for Android smartphones that actually work. Indeed, the online world is full of false claims and fake spy apps. Therefore, it is challenging for a naïve user to pick the perfect Android spyware. 

TheWiSpy was launched in 2018 and stunned the spy app industry with its powerful cell phone and tablet monitoring features. It appeared as a robust Android monitoring app with excellent yet compelling spy tools. 

Let’s review TheWiSpy app in detail and uncover the reason behind this spyware’s popularity. 

TheWiSpy Android Spyware – Explained!

TheWiSpy Android Spyware Explained
TheWiSpy Android Spyware Explained

TheWiSpy is the best spy app for android in 2021 capable of fetching cell phone activity details from the target device. The spyware can record live screen activities as well as stored digital files and transfer all the details to its online control panel. The end-user can view the target’s cell phone or tablet actions in complete stealth mode using the TWS dashboard. TheWiSpy dashboard is a remote platform from where users can view all the spied details in real time.

TheWiSpy app works on two modules; the spyware app and the online dashboard. TheWiSpy app is a hidden and non-intrusive spyware program that works at the back-end of the target device. You can hide the app icon and enjoy 100% secret mode spying using TheWiSpy spyware.

You must be thinking about what features or tools the TWS app offers. Well, to end your mystery, we have elaborated on the top TWS spy tools in the following section.

TheWiSpy Features – What Can You Spy?

Most spy apps for Android smartphones offer standard features that can only track basic cell phone activities. But, TheWiSpy delivers the best of the best. It can track standard as well as advanced mobile actions with its advanced spy toolset. 

Let’s now turn to some spying actions you can perform using TheWiSpy features:

  • Listen to Inbound & Outbound Calls
  • Block Contact Numbers
  • Read Text Messages
  • Record Screen Activities
  • Spy on WhatsApp Messages
  • Spy on Facebook Messenger
  • Spy on Viber Messages
  • Spy on Instagram Messages
  • Track Gmail Activity
  • Set Geofencing Alerts
  • Track Real-Time Whereabouts
  • Spy on Multimedia
  • Lock Screen Remotely
  • Monitor Browsing History
  • Track Call History
  • Control Camera Activity
  • Record Voice Messages
  • Record Phone Surroundings

TheWiSpy app delivers 30+ spy tools to provide you full access to the device you want to monitor. There is almost no cyber activity that you would miss using this comprehensive spy app. You can track Wifi logs, saved notes, calendar dates, and other cell phone actions leaving no clue of your spying actions.

TheWiSpy Compatibility – Is Your Device Compatible?

TheWiSpy can track Android devices without any obligation of rooting the target device. It is a root-free spy app that can monitor Android activities like a pro. Moreover, you don’t need to panic whether your target device’s operating system is compatible with TheWiSpy. It supports all Android devices with OS versions 4.0 and above. 

Currently, the TWS app does not offer iOS monitoring tools. But, it is predicted that the spyware will launch its Apple monitoring features pretty soon. Until then, users can enjoy robust Android spying features of TheWiSpy app. 

TheWiSpy Installation – How to Set Up TheWiSpy on Phone?

TheWiSpy Installation How to Set Up TheWiSpy on Phone
TheWiSpy Installation How to Set Up TheWiSpy on Phone

TheWiSpy, the best spy app for Android, is very easy to install on a target phone. You only have to spare 5 minutes, and you can set up TheWiSpy app on any Android device you want.

Here are the leading installation steps involved in the setup procedure of TheWiSpy app:

  • Step 1:

Purchase the TWS license from its official website as the app isn’t available on Play Store. You need to get its license from the authorized providers only. TheWiSpy will send you the spyware download URL. You will also receive the product activation key via email.

  • Step 2:

Get physical access to the phone/tablet you want to track. You need to set up the TheWiSpy spyware on your target device by opening the installation URL on your target device. You can download the spyware APK file and then install it on your desired phone. 

  • Step 3:

Once installed, you simply need to set your target device on the TWS app. Provide device info and enter the product activation key to configure the app. You need to grant specific permissions to allow the app to access the mobile/tablet functionality and record the details.

  • Step 4:

Once done, log in to your remote control panel using TWS credentials, and you can monitor your target device from your own phone or tablet.

Note: TheWiSpy installation is only possible if you open the download URL on your target device yourself. It means that the app does not offer remote installation. All spy apps for Android smartphones require physical access to the target’s phone or tablet in their absence. Don’t worry; it will only take a few minutes, and you will install TheWiSpy app on your desired device.

TheWiSpy Phone Tracker Pricing – What Makes it Affordable?

TheWiSpy Phone Tracker Pricing What Makes it Affordable

TheWiSpy app stands out as the most affordable and robust Android monitoring app. It pays keen attention to user convenience and delivers cost-effective subscription plans.

  • Basic Plan:

The TWS basic plan allows you to monitor standard cell phone actions such as calls, text messages, app activity, and so on. You can’t spy on online activities using the basic plan. It is well-suited for those who want to monitor calls history or track the GPS of their target devices. The basic subscription starts at only $29.99 per month.

  • Premium Plan:

TheWiSpy premium subscription allows users to monitor advanced activities on their target devices. You can record phone calls, capture photos from the target device’s camera, record surroundings, and remotely monitor other mobile actions. The TWS premium subscription provides remote access to the target phone/tablet. You purchase the premium TWS subscription at only $39.99 per month.

  • Platinum Plan:

The TWS platinum plan offers all 30+ features of the spyware app. You can avail of basic and premium packages and enjoy platinum spy tools as well using this subscription. The platinum subscription includes WhatsApp spy, keywords alerts, call blocking, remote controls, and many other advanced features. You can get TheWiSpy’s platinum subscription at only $69.99 per month.

TheWiSpy Customer Ratings – Is TheWiSpy a Quality Phone Tracker App?

There are plenty of Phone Tracker apps for Android smartphones nowadays, making users confused about picking the right spyware app. Well, the smart move while choosing a spy app is checking its ratings and customers’ reviews.

Considering the top reviews websites Trustpilot and Sitejabber, TheWiSpy app has attained quite good ratings. According to the ratings of 5 stars, TheWiSpy gained a 3.2-star rating on Trustpilot and a 4.08-star rating on SiteJabber. 

TheWiSpy FAQs – Popular Queries:

  • Q#1: Is it Safe to Use TheWiSpy App?

Answer: TheWiSpy is a legal Android monitoring spyware. It is reliable as it secures user information and follows strict privacy policies. So, yes, it is safe to use TheWiSpy app.

  • Q#2: Is TheWiSpy Detectable?

Answer: TheWiSpy is one of Android’s most non-intrusive hidden spy apps. Users can hide its app icon and enjoy Android spying in 100% stealth mode.

  • Q#3: Can I Install TheWiSpy Remotely?

Answer: TheWiSpy can only be installed if you have access to the target phone or tablet. It can’t be installed remotely.

The Concluding Words:

With increasing cyber threats, using a Phone tracker app or android spy app is a must to ensure the cyber safety of your loved ones. TheWiSpy app has emerged as the best Android tracking software providing an extensive spy toolset. It helps users monitor Android devices and offers remote controls to manage the target device’s activities. It is the most affordable, non-intrusive tracking app you can use for any tracking purposes. From kids tracking to employee surveillance, TheWiSpy.

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  1. Just got the subscription; fingers crossed!!! I hope it delivers everything that has been mentioned in the article.

  2. Just got the subscription; fingers crossed!!! I hope it delivers everything that has been mentioned in the article.