Top Microgaming Slot Games

If you have been flowing your way through the igaming slots space for a while now, there is absolutely no doubt that you have not come across possibly the biggest slot game developers active currently, Microgaming – visit Egypt Slots here.

Even if you are not an online slots gamer, Microgaming has been prevalent in all kinds of gambling sports such as bingo, casino games such as poker and blackjack, and even live events betting. But, they are most renowned for their work on online slot games and it is that field that has thrust them into the limelight of the igaming atmosphere!

For the players who are interested in the latest innovations in online slot games and want to stay tuned to the most recent developments, then you need to be following Microgaming and their productions because they are pioneers of the online casino scene.

Who are Microgaming and Why are they so Important in Online Slot Games?

Online slots are a delicacy that only the most finely palleted players, like you, can digest, and for them, only the best games can be eaten. That is why we would like to let you know all about Microgaming so that you can stay on top and bask in the deliciousness of their fantastic games.

Even if you know a little about Microgaming, we have a comprehensive guide on why they have the top slot games out of most slot developing companies:

  • As always, we will start with their inception. Microgaming came into existence in 1994 and so have been creating fantastic games for over 25 years now. If that is not a level of experience you think is impressive then maybe you need to do some re-evaluating.
  • Their birth was at the very start of online slot gaming so they have grown up and evolved around slots as they have developed, meaning, therefore, that Microgaming is a key contributor to the direction in which modern slots have gone.
  • All this time has allowed them to create over 500 slot games and each and every one of them is worth playing. Their game styles vary from low volatility to high volatility, to inventively themed slots, onward to the classic slots.
  • Furthermore, because Microgaming is at the forefront of online casino technology, you never know where it will go next but it will certainly be on a path to making top slot games!

What are Microgaming’s Top Online Slot Games?

We have, just for you, a couple of the best Microgaming slot games and a little bit about them so that you can jump in and start playing them immediately!

Here are our top three Microgaming online slot games that you have to play:

Microgaming Slot GameDescription
Mega MoolahThis game is renowned as the most popular progressive jackpot slot game in history. Surely that is worth a go?
Jurassic ParkA company with the rights to such a famous franchise must be worth playing!
Lucky Little GodsIf you want to take a fantasy turn, Microgaming has you covered on that slot front as well.
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