Top Tips and Tricks for Tracking Your TikTok Follower Growth

Strive to expand your reach. Having many followers on TikTok can be a big plus. This is one of the most valid measures for determining your TikTok success. However, you only need to engage quality followers. Get genuine TikTok followers from Tok Race. Remember, not all followers are genuine. So, take time to find those who truly love your content and watch all videos you share. Keep reading to learn more!

Engage the Right Audience

Always keep your audience engaged. You really don’t want to have passive followers who after liking one of your videos disappear forever. You want loyal followers. People who after watching one of your videos keep coming back for more. You want them to like your content, leave positive comments, and keep sharing them through their other social media accounts.

Thus, be sure to find creative ways to draw the attention of quality TikTok followers. Work hard to build a distinct audience that truly feels inspired by your content.

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Take Your Content To ForYouPage

TikTok typically utilizes its ForYouPage to rank content. This is the default page where every user goes to when he or she opens the app. Once you log into the TikTok platform, you’ll face a feed of posts created by strangers, which TikTok believes will interest you.

Most people will start by watching the videos TikTok selects for them. And this offers an excellent opportunity for your videos to reach more people, who might, in turn, follow you. So, be sure to create interesting and compelling content. This will go a long way in ensuring that your videos appear on TikTok’s ForYouPage. Plus, it will convince viewers that your content is unique and high-quality. And with this level of recognition, your videos will definitely get viewed by a wider audience.

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Remember, TikTok’s algorithm works by constantly searching for quality videos to share with viewers. It doesn’t keep recycling the content of existing celebrities, as well as, influencers. Thus, everyone has a chance to broaden a great audience and gain fame. Even if your account is still new, you can attract more views by creating quality content.

Collaborate With Others

Collaborate With Others on Tik Tok
Collaborate With Others on Tik Tok

Provide them with a wide variety. Don’t be unidirectional. Be flexible and diverse. Remember, most TikTok users are open-minded. So, give them an extensive range of options to choose from. One way you can achieve this is to collaborate with other content creators. This will ensure that you create videos that have double the value. For example, you can use a TikTok influencer marketing agency to present your product in an authentic and relatable setting through micro-influencers. Although many strive for collaborations with celebrities, it’s proven that businesses drive better results when working with smaller creators.

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Be Creative

Always try to be social. TikTok isn’t a broadcast mechanism. You should be able to actively engage with your audience. If you want to attract more followers, you need to spend a fair share of your time interacting with other TikTok users. 

Watch other people’s videos, like them, and share them on other social media platforms. You may also want to consider writing engaging, as well as, informative comments about them. Don’t forget to check the comment streams on your content and be part of the conversation.

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Don’t just post any videos. Consider posting high-quality videos. Engage with your audience. And collaborate with others. This will go a long way in helping you build a loyal following on TikTok. The above article provides a deeper insight into TikTok and how to keep track of your follower growth. 

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