Top Tips: Marketing Campaigns to take Inspiration from

Top Tips: Marketing Campaigns to take Inspiration from

A few things are common to all viral marketing campaigns; They usually use technology in a way that no one has seen before, and the campaign is designed so that people can share it on social media.

Here are some examples of the best viral campaigns:

The aim of this campaign was to introduce the introduction of fast food to save time, which was advertised through TV and hacked smart speakers!

The main points of this campaign:

  • Use new technology and ways to do amazing things.
  • Do something no one has ever done before.
  • This campaign is a bit annoying. In that person, he put his eye inside a chamber and moved the needle towards the eye from the front. This video lasted a full 2 ​​minutes, which was cut before the needle hit the eye completely.

The ad was made by a museum that was unpleasant to many people but became so viral that everyone was arguing about it. Many people interrupted the video in the very first seconds of the video when they realized what was going on.

Businesses want to see their income reports shoot beyond measure, not just an attractive Analytics display. Your sales may hurt big time if the only thing your website attracts is clicks and not conversions. They both should be coordinated. To achieve this, Targeted Web Traffic is an experienced expert; they get visitors for your website in fixing low conversions. They convert traffic into customers and leads.

Main points:

  • Think about your audience when creating a campaign.
  • Ordinary communication will lead to communication with consumers.

Every day, more than 30 videos are released on American television over the past 30 years. Video is a promotional method of conveying a message. By itself, this is not a new topic, but good video. 

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Important points of this campaign:

  • If your budget allows, do something to increase the effectiveness of the campaign.
  • When proposing, explain to someone what will happen if they do not use your offer.

The company proves that creating a video campaign does not require heavy costs and very strong equipment. In this campaign, the founders of the company fully explained their way of life and activities in a video.

Of course, any amount of traffic is better than no traffic, but if your website is the most ideal site, but if your visitors do not have full access to your products or your information, you will definitely be doomed to failure in the future. We are all aware of the fact that without website traffic in online marketing, we will not be able to sell high on opportunities.”

Important points of this campaign:

  • Use curiosity, this is a powerful tool.
  • Stay true to your brand even if there are a lot of critics.

The campaign interacted very strongly with digital content. We seldom click on ads on the Internet, but we share our moods on social media with waves or gifs.

The campaign created gifs with different moods that people used on social media traffic. These gifts were so well designed that people used them a lot.

Important points of this campaign:

  • Explain your story to communicate with others.
  • Your company’s values ​​can create a competitive environment.

In this campaign, Intel, with the help of two other series, produced a video showing how Serena Williams (singer) tries to make a good song for her fans. There is almost no Intel name in this video, except for the end of the video where the Intel logo appears. In fact, if someone does not watch the video to the end, they will lose the ads.

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Important points of this campaign:

  • Don’t look for ads in videos too much.
  • Use things that affect your audience.

In this campaign, famous people gathered together and competed to do something. These were from making slime to carving on wood. This video is very entertaining for the audience and at the same time many people did this competition at home.

Important points of this campaign:

  • Don’t look for ads in videos too much.
  • Use things that affect your audience.

In IMC campaigns, the goal is to produce and disseminate a business message seamlessly. They bring together virtually all aspects of marketing such as advertising, public relations, social media and offline channels so that everyone can work to spread the same message.

In this campaign, a video was produced by two war veterans about PTSD. An interesting story that was published in several communication channels with the aim of raising awareness of the brand’s services to the military and creating an emotional relationship between people and the brand.

Important points of this campaign:

  • The goal of the campaign should be what is most important to your organization.
  • Divide your big campaign goals into smaller content.

This collection created and published various videos, all of which had their logo very small below the videos; But in all the videos, the company logo was misspelled. In some videos, the brand name was changed to something similar. For example, in a video, the brand name was changed to MailChimp, which meant something different.

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Important points of this campaign:

  • Sometimes it’s good to joke with the brand.
  • Turn it into a golden marketing opportunity if you make a mistake anywhere in the campaign.

57% of people believe that astrology is real. In 2020, the brand created a cosmic playlist in which each song was separated based on the stars in the sky. People could know their future by listening to each song.

do not judge soon; This marketing project was very productive and all the posters and advertisements about astrology were published. You may not believe it, but 20 million viewers were added to the brand’s customers.

Important points of this campaign:

  • Examine your audience’s beliefs when creating a campaign.
  • Use advertising channels for strategic purposes.

Many marketers are unhappy with their brand presence on social media. However, there are still good opportunities to change the situation.

Consider the following examples:

The company asked the kids to come up with new ideas for the products. These ideas became prototypes. Owners of the best ideas were also given a sleeping bag that was charged through body heat.

The main points of this campaign:

In this article, you will get acquainted with several different types of marketing campaigns. You also saw interesting and creative examples of each type of campaign. 

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