Track Impersonators and Fake Profiles with Facebook Facial Recognition

Track Impersonators and Fake Profiles with Facebook Facial Recognition

Track Impersonators and Fake Profiles with Facebook Facial Recognition

Facebook I guess it’s making the world a better place for us all. He helps us connect our loved ones and families Online. It brings us closer to our friends.

We recently posted about Facebook Update, Facebook adds Animating Reactions, and many other features Facebook rolled out in Platform.

Facebook on Friday said it will start informing its users when someone uploaded a photo of them using it Facial Recognition.

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The Introduction Of Facebook Facial Recognition.

Facebook Face Match
Facial Scan
According to Facebook, The Facial Recognition Tool is going to help in controlling its user’s privacy violation online.

Facebook Staff Rob Sherman said that We really thought this as a privacy feature for a long time. If someone posts a photo of you, you might not know about it.

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He also states that when someone uses or upload your photos, you can now see it and communicates with them.

Facebook narrated that the new Facebook Facial Recognition Tool can serve as a harasser to some of its users who uses someone’s picture without their consent.

Facebook Facial Recognition Tool will help to notify the user when their photo is been shared online by people they are not friends with or people who are their friends too.

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How Facebook Facial Recognition Tool Works.

Facebook Facial Recognition
Facebook Facial Recognition
Why checking about it The Verge, we come to understand that This Tool can really help people in Fighting impersonation and Scam because once someone uses your pictures or photos on his Facebook account, you will be alerted.

The only thing needed is if the pictures are set to public, then you will be able to see the pictures but if it’s not, that is where you won’t be able to see the pictures.

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It also needs you to have at least one mutual friends with the person that uploaded the pictures.

The Facebook Facial Recognition Tool scans through all your Photos and checks if there is any match for the pictures and your picture.

What do you think about this new tool, do you think it’s a nice thing or do you think otherwise, kindly drop your opinion in our comments section below. Thank you.

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