How To Turn Android Into iOS

Today I will be telling you how to turn your android phone into an iOS Mobile.

We are not talking about Dual-boot. I have never seen any software that does that. There is a software that can change your android phone to a complete Windows Mobile but when it comes to iOS, there’s no such software that exists.

Some people know the reason why they enjoy the iOS Mobile. I have never used any iOS device before, but I enjoy it interface, most especially how bright it is when you look at it.

Just like what I said before, there’s no software that can dual-boot your android to iOS. I will be very sorry for the disappointments this may cause but I can help you customise your phone and it will totally look like an iOS device but the phone function still remain android OS.

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I hope you know that screens of iOS devices differ from Android OS Devices, and screen helps to make your phone look brighter like iOS device. Screens like Amoled screens typically look like that of iOS. So if your device has such type of screen, then you are good to go.

There are numerous ways to make your android phone look like that of an iOS Device, if you want to make it 50% or higher, you have need to root your phone so you can change how your phone is booting to how iOS is booting, then you need to root your phone to copy the boot and shutanimation.

How To Turn Android Into iOS


But rooting is not necessary if you don’t want to change how your android phone is booting(what is display when you power it). You can just install other apps.

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The only difference that will not take place after this is only the features of your phone. Your phone still remains Android OS. It settings still remain android settings and the Navigation and status bar still remain your original status bar.
The change only applies to the look of your phone.

To change your Android phone to iOS Device, you have to download and install all these listed apps. They will help customise your phone to look exactly like ios device.

The Credit goes to Sajash25 of XDA Developers for this beautiful Compilation.

When you are done downloading all these files, then install it one by one.
NOTE: Any Espier App requires a network to validate before use. Please, don’t launch Espier Launcher if you know that you don’t have an active mobile data or wifi. It only requires network for the first time to verify whether the app is genuine. After that, no internet connection again is needed.

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You can convert all your app to system app if your phone is rooted. Note that the benefit of converting it to system app is that it will help it to escape some auto kill apps and will not crash if you debug your phone to a pc or transfer data.

If your phone is not rooted. It will better to leave it in your internal memory instead of moving it to SD Card.
Apps moved to SD Card will always sometimes crash if you reboot or debug your phone to your PC.

For rooted users also and to make your phone boot like that of an iOS, push that bootanimation zip file you downloaded to your root memory>system>media.
Any app that you are using must be approved root access.

If you have any question or a problem with this tutorial, kindly drop your comment below.


How To Turn Android Into iOS

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