Understanding the volatility or the dispersion of a slot machine

One of the reasons why so many people have decided to join Parimatch has been due to its fantastic mobile platforms. The Parimatch apk is a testament to how great a mobile application can become. Let’s make a little summary on how to set up this software in an Android gadget. Once the program has been downloaded, it is necessary to execute the following steps: 

  • run the apk installer;
  • in case there is a problem with the installation, stating that it is not possible to set up the app due to the security settings of the device, users must simply go to the security options of the gadget in question and activate the “unknown sources” option;
  • if it was necessary to turn on the “unknown sources” option, probably it will be necessary to run the installer one more time;
  • and that’s it! 
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In general, all the process of finding, downloading and running the Parimatch apk should take less than a minute to complete. While not as straightforward as how it is for Apple users, Android users can still have all the chances and opportunities offered by Parimatch and its fantastic mobile software.

One of the main reasons why people might want to download is to use it on slot machines. Parimatch offers hundreds of games of this kind, and here we will talk in more detail about a specific concept that is very important to understand in order to improve our results when playing them.

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Installing Parimatch apk
Installing Parimatch apk

When exploring the available slot machines, there is a lot of data that is thrown in our faces. There are some of them that are pretty obvious, such as the size of the jackpot, number of paylines, number of reels, etc. However, there are other parameters that are not so obvious, however, understanding them can create a huge difference between a good or a bad result. 

One of these parameters is called volatility. When people are exploring different slot machines offered by different casinos, sometimes they will see that some games feature high, medium or low volatility. Let’s understand what this parameter means in the first place. 

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Volatility, also known as dispersion, is a parameter that indicates how risky a bet can be. Slots with higher volatility tend to give rewards with less frequency, however, their rewards tend to be higher. On the other hand, lower volatility means that prizes are handed out more frequently, however, on average, the size of those prizes tend to be a bit smaller. 

Volatility affects the experience that a slot machine player can have. At the same time, users should be able to properly adjust their expectations depending on what is the volatility of the game that they are choosing.

For example, when a slot machine with high volatility is chosen, punters should expect to have many plays without rewards at all. This can test the patience of the player, as many of them might feel frustrated and might want to quit earlier in order to minimize their losses. However, sometimes patience is exactly the virtue that is needed for this kind of games, as after a certain number of plays, it could happen that a significant prize can be earned. 

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On the same logic, slots with medium volatility can give their players small prizes quite frequently. However, from time to time they can also provide huge prizes. But, normally they tend to be smaller than the ones given by games with high volatility.

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