How To Unlock HTC Bootloader

How To Unlock HTC Bootloader

How To Unlock HTC Bootloader

How To Unlock HTC Bootloader

A bootloader is one of the hard restriction mandated on some android phones most especially HTC phones that you can not do away without, and one problem is that some people find it so hard to unlock it cos of some little requirement that just need a little knowledge and some little minute to get everything done.

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For me, I don’t know the reason why some phone manufacturers do lock their bootloader but to my understanding, I guess that they want their users to tamper with the UI or modify anything in their stock rom.

There are many restrictions they locked up behind that bootloader, You can still root the phone even when your bootloader is locked or not with the help of iroot and other helpful rooting apps. when you boot your device to recovery mood, you will see a line of text explaining to you whether the phone is unlocked or locked.

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NOTE: Before you do anything with your Android, you have to have a good backup of your android phone because there are many processes which do normally delete everything on our phone without letting us know and we end up losing most of our files.


There is much need for unlocking HTC bootloader, its one of the useful thing that you suppose to perform first on some of our android phones before using it. You may be asking yourself many questions like

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What concerns me and the bootloader?

  • won’t I be able to use my internet without unlocking the bootloader?.
  • Won’t I be able to make calls on my android phone without unlocking the bootloader?.

and many other sorts of questions but the answer is big YES but you also ask yourself this questions,

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Unlock HTC Bootloader
Unlocking HTC Bootloader

What to think before unlocking the bootloader.

  • What if my android phone bricks?.
  • What if there’s a new version of my phone that requires custom installation?.
  • Does my phone have a factory data reset in case something went wrong along the line that requires factory data reset?.
  • Is there any recovery on my phone?.
  • What if my phone stuck a the lock screen and I am unable to access the settings?.
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And other questions that you need to ask yourself concerning bootloader

When you ask yourself all these questions, then you have to conclude whether it is necessary or not.

But to be sincere, when I don’t know anything about phones, I thought that when you buy a phone and that is al till when my phone refused to launch the menu because I rooted it and was removing some system app without knowing their importance. I can’t even boot recovery because my bootloader was not unlocked.

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Requirements To Unlock HTC Bootloader

  1. An HTC Android Phone.
  2. A Working Windows PC.
  3. A good internet connection for accessing the internet.
  4. A working and active email address; that is what you will use to create an account with HTC and where you will receive your activation link and also where you will receive an unlocking code and file.
  5. A working USB cord for connecting the phone to PC.
  6. A battery not less than 50% for a successful unlocking of the bootloader.
  7. Android SDK and HTC Drivers installed on your PC.
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How To Unlock HTC Bootloader

Unlock HTC Bootloader
Unlock HTC Bootloader

To unlock HTC bootloader, you have to first visit and create an account with them.

After creating an account with them, they will send you a confirmation or activation mail which you have to confirm or activate and they will log you in automatically or you will log yourself in with the username and password you used during registration.

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To start unlocking the bootloader

Click unlock the bootloader.

Then get started to proceed and it will bring you to a page where you have to choose the model of your phone.

if your phone is not listed in the list, then you can choose all supported model at the end of the lists to get started.

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When you click to get started, you have to wait for this popup to come up

How To Unlock HTC Bootloader

Accept it and another pop up will appear requesting you to accept some legal terms and conditions. accept it and continue to the unlocking process.

The next process is they will show you some instructions that you have to follow.

You can read it up if you want but the next step is to boot your phone to bootloader mode and then download that Windows file they will show you the link or download this one adb_fastboot_drivers and extract it a folder that you can easily navigate.

I prefer User>User just as many windows command prompt starts from User>User so it will be advisable to extract the file you downloaded to that folder I mentioned above and open your windows command prompt.

To launch windows commands prompt, click the start button and type “cmd” or “command prompt” and launch it.

If it does not start from User>User, then you have to move that file you extracted to the last folder in the command prompt and then type this in command prompt

“fastboot oem get_identifier_token”

and send it by pressing Enter button and you will see some code with it, that’s your unlock token, copy it starting from <<<< Identifier Token Start >>>> and end at <<<<< Identifier Token End >>>>>.

When you highlight the code, it will look as if you didn’t copy anything, paste the token code and paste it into the box available at the HTC Developers Page and submit it.

Remember that when you are doing this that you must be logged in to your  HTC account so that when you submit the token, you will immediately receive an unlock bin file in your email right away.

If you get any error while submitting your token numbers, then it means that you didn’t start copying from the exact line or you didn’t stop at the exact line I told you.

If it was successfully submitted, check your email immediately and download the attached file they will send to you.

Now copy that file you downloaded from your mail to the same folder where you extracted the other one and go to your command prompt and type

“fastboot oem unlock”.

make sure your Android phone is still attached to your PC and still in bootloader mode and when you enter the code above, press enter and a pop will come up on your android requesting you whether you want to unlock your bootloader or not.

You have to use the volume up and down to navigate and use the power button to choose whether Yes or No. When you Choose Yes, Your phone will reboot automatically and by them, your phone’s bootloader is unlocked.

When your phone finish booting, you will discover that everything in it has been wiped out and it will like the way it is the day you bought it.

Now you can enjoy the benefit of unlocked bootloader like Flashing a custom recovery, flashing new Roms on your phone, Resetting your phone is locked or anything like bugs happens to it.

If encounter any error while performing any instructions above, you are free to drop your comment below for us to look into it.

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