Unlock SIM Network on carrier-locked Android phones

In some countries, flagship smartphones are sold for a buck and a half, crazy right?

When you see stuff like that, you’d feel like relocating to those places in order to enjoy those craze benefits.

Well, do you know that phones are given on contract in those countries which means those devices are not completely free?

Those smartphones are programmed only to work with a specific carrier like Verizon Wireless, AT&T, T-Mobile, and the rest of them.

For you to be able to use a carrier-locked Android phone with another local carrier, you have to unlock it.

I have been a victim of buying a contract phone thinking my local SIM card would work on the phone but I was wrong.

I was made to return the phone as I was not able to do anything with the phone except internet surfing.

Well on this guide, I am going to show you how to unlock those locked smartphones.

Without much further delay, let’s get started.

Can I unlock my phone?

Well, Yes to that question.

There are many smartphones that are available for unlocking.

Unlocking carrier-locked smartphones are mainly possible on phones that are not in a contract again with its provider.

Unlocking these smartphones gives you the opportunity to use the device with any carrier of your choice.

You can unlock the smartphone using some method we are going to provide you with.

The unlocking of the carrier phones can involve getting an unlocking code from your smartphone provider.

When you want to unlock your phone, you are going to pay up your contract with the smartphone carrier, and then they will provide you with an unlocking code.

If you don’t want to go through that process, then, there are many online providers that provide you with some online code.

What you should do know before buying code for your carrier-locked smartphone.

Lock on Android Phone
  • It not possible to unlock Most CDMA-locked smartphones.
  • Unlocking a carrier-locked smartphone are very possible on a GSM smartphone that is not on contract or their contract has expired.
  • You can get carrier-locked smartphones unlock code by going to one of these verified stores below

The above providers provide you with a carrier-locked unlocking code that you can use to unlock your device.

Some of them are paid, Some are almost not free.

If you are out of cash or want to minimize cost, you can make use of software to unlock your carrier-locked smartphones.

To do that, let’s get started.

Unlock your phone fast and secure app

This is an android mobile app available on the Google Play store.

With it, you can get an unlock code straight to your phone once you finish the payment.

To make use of Unlock your phone fast and secure app to unlock your android phone

  • Download Unlock your phone fast and secure app from Play Store
  • Launch the app
  • Fill all requested information correctly
  • proceed to payment to receive code once payment is complete.

If this method above did not work for you, continue below.

Unlock carrier-locked phones with Android SIM unlock software for PC

To make use of this method, a PC/laptop is required to proceed.

  • Download Android SIM unlock software to your PC.
  • Get a detectable USB cord.
  • Install a smartphone driver if possible.
  • Connect your carrier-locked smartphone to the PC.
  • When the Software detects the plugged device, click next to continue.
  • Open your phone dialer and dial ##3424#, *#0808#, #9090# to take your phone to service mode, USB settings, or diagnostic.
  • Depending on your brand, you will be met with one of the above-mentioned options like service mode.
  • When it opens, select M+MODEM+ADB or UART [*] or CDMA MODEM and click unlock to begin unlocking.
  • Once finish unlocking, open dialer and dial one of these codes to get your phone back to normal mode ##3424# or *#0808# or #9090#.
  • Select MTP+ADB or USB[*] or PDA and click next to get things done.

If you experience a problem with the software, you can consult with software support for assistance or drop a comment below.

If you experience any problem with one of the methods mentioned above on how to Unlock SIM Network on carrier locked Android phones, please drop off a comment below.

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