10 Top Benefits of Using Laravel for Web App Development

Consumers’ behaviour continues to evolve, and businesses must adapt their strategies to be where their customers are. With the internet taking over almost all businesses, making your business stand out of the box has become necessary for a company’s growth. Businesses are rushing online to make their brand presence appealing and engaging to their target customers.

Here lies the importance of developing a web application that proves to be handy for companies. Thanks to the efficient web app development frameworks that make the job easier for developers and businesses to develop an enterprise-level web app for their clients. One such framework is Laravel. Developers and businesses now prefer Laravel for Web Applications as it simplifies redundant web development tasks.

Unlike a decade ago, developing a custom web application has become much more convenient and less time-consuming today, especially with Laravel, an open-source PHP-based web development framework. Simply put, Laravel is a blessing in the form of a web development framework designed to simplify the complex web development process. 

Though the app development market is filled with several other open-source PHP frameworks like Symphony, CakePHP, Yii2, and many others, Laravel still offers businesses and developers some unique advantages.

Introducing Laravel:

When it comes to custom web app development, Laravel is a highly appreciated framework. Studies show that more than 459,818 existing websites are built on the Laravel framework.

Being a simple and open-source PHP framework based on MVC architecture, Laravel is treasured with every ingredient that can streamline the entire web app development process. This is why businesses have a growing demand to Hire Dedicated Laravel Developers to work on their web app development project.

Moreover, this framework includes several rewarding features and functionalities that compel companies to choose Laravel as their business website development platform.

So, whether you are a small, start-up, medium, or large enterprise planning to launch a unique and faster-customized web application for your business, never hesitate to choose Laravel. 

Benefits of Using Laravel for Your Web Development Project:

Are you still in a dilemma about whether or not to choose Laravel? Are you still wondering, “Can I Use Laravel for App Development?” Then it will be better for you to look at the benefits that Laravel offers for a web app development project:

  1. Robust Security: Laravel is a highly secure PHP framework that offers guaranteed safety against different web development threats. Laravel is specially designed to safeguard online businesses and allows their web app to perform seamlessly. With Laravel, your web app is far from all security threats, such as cross-site forgery requests and different types of SQL injections, cross-site scripting, etc.
  2. Acute Tool Integration Capability: Laravel PHP web development framework also facilitates the integration of various tools, enhancing the app’s performance. By integrating a popular check back-end such as Memcached and Redis, developers can speed up your site’s performance more effectively.
  3. Streamlined Authentication & Authorization System: It is said that Laravel was designed as an attempt to provide a more advanced alternative to the Codelgniter framework, which was unable to provide certain features like built-in support for user authentication and authorization. But, with Laravel, this task has become extremely simple and easy. It effectively implements a complete authentication system-Login, Registration, and Password Reset through a simple way to organize authorization logic and control access to resources.
  4. Laravel Development Means Faster Time-to-Market: Laravel comes with many pre-built functions and structures that can effectively work on the latest PHP principles resulting in building responsive web applications in less time. Simply put, with Laravel, there is no need to spend a long time writing individual lines of code that speed up the app development process. Moreover, Laravel has excellent community support for developers as well as development companies. With the Laravel framework, developers can lessen the burden resulting in faster app development.
  5. Laravel Simplifies the App Development Process: Laravel simplifies several everyday web development tasks like routine, authentication, migration, caching, and many more. Laravel can effectively integrate pre-made modules into an application using intuitive and expressive command line interfaces and Composer. Laravel is a popular choice for more experienced developers as it has an extensive collection of online documentation.
  6. Inbuilt Libraries: Laravel has dynamic pre-installed Object Oriented libraries containing various features like watchword reset, checking dynamic clients, CSRF insurance, and encryption that you cannot find in any other PHP frameworks. The way Laravel is divided into models makes it the perfect option for developers to create responsive and modular web apps. Moreover, Laravel includes a helper functionality that will enable you to achieve various essential undertakings such as firing events, generating views, sending HTTP responses to the server, etc. 
  7. Database Migration: Laravel comprises the availability of database migration features that effectively reduces the risk of losing data. When you opt for quality Laravel Development Services from a leading Laravel development company, the expert developers will help you effortlessly sync and share databases, saving a lot of app development time. So, there is no denying the fact that database migration is one of the most prominent features that make Laravel the best PHP framework.
  8. Perfect for Large Projects: If you are planning for a large web app development project, look no further! Simply hire Laravel developers to work on your project. It is proven that large web app development is easy-to-handle with the Laravel framework.
  9. Mail Service Integration: Laravel web apps can easily integrate with Mail services helping users to receive notifications about various events. It has become mandatory to have a modern online application that lacks simple email notifications to new customers portraying their promising web registration. 
  10. Fine Unit Testing: When it comes to Laravel’s unit testing, it ensures that all modules of your web application are tested before the site goes live. So, there will be hardly any chance of your website remaining broken. It makes an app go through fine unit testing, ensuring that your web app is bug-free. Simply put, if you build your web app based on the Laravel framework, you can offer your end users hassle-free and high-performing applications.

Types of Web Applications that Can Build with Laravel:

So, now you know the benefits of using Laravel for developing a web-based app. Now it is time for you to understand What Kind of Website  Can Be Developed Using Laravel? Let’s find out below:

  • E-learning Websites & Blogging Apps: Laravel development suits e-learning websites and educational blogging apps well. It is because Laravel allows creators to deploy several valuable functionalities, such as sharing content across different platforms, website registration, newsletter subscription, and many more. For instance, MyRank, an e-learning website, and Canvas, a content publishing platform, are based on the Laravel framework.
  • Ecommerce Platforms & Online Stores: Laravel is a highly recommended framework for building eCommerce platforms and online stores. It is because the Laravel framework allows its users to craft their solutions from scratch along with accessibility to use pre-made proven solutions for their needs. Tweak & Twine, an online store, and Bagisto, an eCommerce platform, are built on the Laravel framework.
  • Hospital Management System & Patient Portal: The Laravel framework works well in developing a patient portal that enables online registration facilitates payment integration etc. Along with the patient portals, Hospital Management Systems are built mainly on Laravel. Laravel makes it easier for hospitals to deal with a lot of data in a protected way.  Moreover, healthcare web apps built with Laravel offer seamless user experience, low maintenance, and robust security. HealthJump is a popular healthcare web app based on the Laravel framework.
  • University & School Management System: Today, educational institutions rely on web apps for handling day-to-day activities and complex tasks ranging from admissions, exams, student registration, class schedules, marking and viewing attendance, sending alerts and notifications to students, building study material to student’s report analysis and many more. A professional Laravel web app proves to be a robust solution for such institutions.


Now, you can easily understand why most businesses and developers consider Laravel as the best framework among many PHP frameworks available in the market. In short, Laravel is ideal for developing simple to complex web apps. However, some argue that Laravel is slower than some other frameworks, the advantages that Laravel offers are beyond any comparison.

Samuel Jim
Samuel Jim

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