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Viper OS For Redmi Note 4 Snapdragon [7.1.2]

Viper OS For Redmi Note 4 Snapdragon [7.1.2]

Viper OS For Redmi Note 4 Snapdragon [7.1.2]


Rom NameViper OS
Rom Versionv3.1.1
Based OnLineageOS 14.1
Rom OS VersionAndroid 7.1.2 Nougat
Rom TypeDeodexed
Current Stable VersionStable
Stable Build Date2017-05-24
Stock OS VersionAndroid 6.0 MarshMallow
ChipsetMSM8953 Snapdragon 625
DeveloperViper OS Team
Supported LanguageMulti-Language Supported
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Viper OS For Redmi Note 4 Status Bar features.

  • Add/Remove QS shortcuts with one click
  • Traffic indicators
  • Heads up toggle, timeout and snooze function
  • Statusbar items
  • Ticker
  • Clock & date
  • Option to Display Data Disabled indicator Icons
  • Battery icon settings
  • Viper status bar logo
  • Carrier label
  • VoLTE icon
  • Quick settings personalization
  • Data saver icon toggle
  • Other status bar settings
  •  VPN icon toggle
  • And many more.
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Viper OS For Redmi Note 4 Lock Screen Features.

  • Lockscreen flashlight.
  • Double tap anywhere to sleep
  • Disable media image
  • Custom lock screen settings
  • Hide quick settings on a secure lock screen
  • Lock screen weather
  • Hide power menu on a secure lock screen
  • Option to hide lock screen clock, date & alarm text
  • Hide status bar on the lock screen
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Viper OS For Redmi Note 4 Multi-Tasking Features.

  • Round button on recent
  • Recent style toggle: cards and grid
  • Recent member

Viper OS For Meizu M2 System Features.

  • PA Accidental Touch
  • Viper Color Engine built from scratch
  • Three Fingers Swipe for Screenshot
  • Lawnchair as default launcher (+DT2S)
  • Custom ambient display settings
  • Navbar enable/disable
  • Drop AOSP Clock app, use from Google
  • Pixel navbar (with animation) toggle
  • Drop Lineage LockClock, use OmniJaws
  • Dynamic navbar
  • Double tap to sleep on the navigation bar
  • Navbar dimensions
  • Ability to toggle vibration when double tapping power button for the camera
  • Navbar button layout
  • Unlock keystore with fingerprint
  • Hardware keys binding
  • Header date and time positions
  • Hardware keys enable/disable
  • QS header icon settings
  • Kill app with back button
  • Disable/enable screenshot sound
  • Power menu customization
  • Advanced Bluetooth, Data, Wifi Toggles
  • Heads up toggle, timeout and snooze function
  • Toast icon switch
  • Reset battery stats
  • Fingerprint authentication vibration
  • Wired headset: make ringtone audio focus customizable
  • Hide arrows in network traffic indicators
  • Live volume steps
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Flashing a custom ROM to your phone will void your phone warranty, you may experience bugs if rom is not properly ported, Not all rom are in stable mode even if a developer labels it stable.

We are not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please, do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM.

Before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if you point the finger at us for messing up your device, we will laugh at you.

For Other Phones

MSM8953 Snapdragon 625

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We will not be held responsible for any brick phone, flash at your own risk.! Follow our Porting Guide to port this rom to your phone.

Make sure you port it correctly to avoid a bug.




  1. LineageOS Team.
  2. Viper OS Team
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Viper OS Home screen
[/media-credit] Viper OS Home screen
About Viper OS
[/media-credit] About Viper OS
Settings Viper OS
[/media-credit] Settings Viper OS
Viper OS Apps
[/media-credit] Viper OS Apps
Viper OS Features
[/media-credit] Viper OS Features
Viper OS Settings
[/media-credit] Viper OS Settings
Viper OS Updates
[/media-credit] Viper OS Updates
Viper OS Nougat
[/media-credit] Viper OS Nougat

How To Flash

  • For you to flash Viper OS For Redmi Note 4
  • Install TWRP.
  • Wipe your data.
  • System
  • Cache.
  • Flash Viper OS For Redmi Note 4
  • Flash gapps.
  • Reboot.
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