The Right Way To Increase Your Brand’s Facebook Engagement

Facebook has also had enough of public relations standpoints, including data breaches and scandals. However, it remains one of the platforms that will help you easily reach out to your prospects. The platform has over 2.2 billion users. Therefore, it provides plenty of opportunities for any business that tries to reach out to the audience. 

Facebook engagement refers to any activity the marketers partake in to increase the brand’s visibility. It is intended to help increase brand awareness while cementing customer loyalty. It includes writing comments and sharing posts. In some cases, you may also need to buy Facebook likes.

But to do this, you must take the right actions. Here are key things you may need to do to increase your brand’s Facebook engagement.

1. Learn more about your audience

The first thing you will need to do before implementing strategies to increase your brand’s Facebook engagement is to learn about the audience.  Visit the insight page and get access to a ton of information on your targeted audience. Study the information and make use of it to craft engaging posts. You will need to find out the kind of content they like, and tailor engagement, putting their needs into consideration.

2. Entertain, Teach, inform and inspire the audience

Moving straight to a sales pitch will not help you engage anyone. Instead, it will make the audience loath your page. Therefore, the best strategy to help you create loyalty in your visitors includes entertaining and inspiring them. You may also earn a decent number of consistent followers if you can teach, inform, or inspire the audience. It will make them want to revisit your page and gain. Besides, it increases liking and will motivate them to share the content again and again.

3. Start your brand’s Facebook group

Starting a Facebook group is likely to help you drive more people onto your brand page. The page will ensure that your brand is present online and bring onboard Facebook users who share the same interest. When they hold discussions and share comments, it makes the brand visible and creates interest. But to get the best results, it is important to ensure that you post updates and trends in your niche. It helps to create trust and will bring traffic to your page.

4. Use Videos

Posting high-quality images could yield better engagement results, but you will get the best results if you use videos.  Studies show that videos allow for better engagement than still pictures. People want to see what happens in the end. So, when they anticipate something, they will take their time to watch the video. Also, social media users spend more time watching videos than still pictures. For that reason, making use of videos is likely to increase engagement compared to using still images.

One last thing is that you should not overlook managing the engagements on all social media channels. Schedule your posts and share them on time. Also, be available to engage the audience and respond to their queries and inquiries in real-time.

Micheal Nosa
Micheal Nosa

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