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What is SEO in Malaysia?

Don’t look now, but the COVID-19 pandemic is looking like it’s coming to a close. While it’s still too early to be celebrating any newfound freedom, it looks like we are towards the end of having to deal with cumbersome restrictions and fear of getting sick every day. But some elements of the pandemic life are here to stay, chiefly the dependence on the digital economy. For this reason alone (and trust us, there are many others!), it’s important to understand how valuable SEO in Malaysia will be in the next few years.

Already, SEO in Malaysia is one of a marketer’s greatest tools. Malaysia is an emerging market that is poised to grow tremendously as international trade resumes. Companies that utilize Malaysia’s excellent manufacturing capabilities can grow exponentially should they also invest heavily in SEO. In Malaysia, there is a lot of potentials for companies to take advantage of an economic restart. 

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But many may ask what SEO in Malaysia is and how they can implement it into their business’s marketing strategy. For more information, read on.

What is SEO?

What is SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is the process of performing marketing activities to optimize your website. You want your website to be as strong as possible so that potential customers find it easily when they search for your keywords on a search engine like Google. 

Keywords are words or phrases that describe your business or that you think customers will search for when looking for a brand like yours. For example, a pizza shop in Aimes, Iowa, would choose keywords like “Pizza in Aimes”. SEO would be the process of implementing those keywords into your website’s content and doing other marketing activities to get that webpage to be the top-ranked page on a search for “Pizza in Aimes”. 

Besides keywords and content building, a few other SEO practices can help improve your website’s position on Google. One main one is link building.

Link Building

Consider this: Google must only display trustworthy content to its users. Therefore, they like to rank trustworthy pages higher on results pages. So, how do you become trustworthy?

Link building is the process of building a network of other websites and having them feature a link to your website on their pages. Google will read this as your website being trustworthy because other websites think it’s trustworthy because they assume a website wouldn’t want to link to a bad website on its pages. 

These are just two elements of SEO in Malaysia, but they are two strong aspects that can really impact your website’s ranking. If you are considering investing in SEO, you should inquire about working with a dedicated SEO agency. While SEO may be intuitive, it is a lengthy and technically intensive process that requires hard work and skill. 

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