GamesWhat is Top of the Korean Gaming Market?

What is Top of the Korean Gaming Market?

The Korean gambling industry has held its ground over the years. The potential growth has attracted many entrepreneurs to invest in the skyrocketing business. Casino operators establish new online casinos to provide enthusiastic gamblers with entertainment and a source for money. 

There are great bonuses, new games, and payment methods that offer a seamless gaming experience. Gaming has also taken Korea by storm, where many people indulge in the activity as their pastime. Cloud gaming has also boosted the industry where players no longer download games instead of streaming them directly. Our expert, Wang Mi-Sun (view author), elaborates on the top Korean gambling market.

Casino games

Casino games

According to research carried out by Rakuten Insight in March 2020, about 29% of South Korean males played online games daily. Online casinos have introduced convenient gameplay that can be accessed anywhere, anytime using mobile phones and PCs. The games comprehensively break the boredom and offer a chance to win real money. Casino operators have embraced technology by allowing players to use crypto as a payment method. 

Gamblers are now able to wager anonymously without leaving any trace. The massive industry has improvised technology to target women and young generation Z. The casino statistics showed that about 35% of South Korean citizens aged 16-24 play online casino games at some point in life. The massive market growth is also due to change in marketing strategies such as inbound marketing. 한국 사용자들은 에서 다양한 리뷰를 확인하기만 한다면 좋은 평판의 카지노에서 플레이할 수 있습니다. 

Video games

Video games

South Korea’s strong gaming culture and infrastructure creates a significant gambling market. Gamers in the country have gained recognition globally for having dominated the e-sports sector across various games. About 32.4% of gamers spend around 30 minutes to one hour playing video games consecutively. While 4.3% are said to play more than five hours in one session. 

The total time spent playing in one session was estimated to be 1.49 hours. Pro-gaming and e-sports are popular hobbies that capture about 10 million regular viewers. The country has one of the best internet connections in availability and speed. The success of 5G has opened up possibilities for the gaming market and boosted technologies such as VR, AR, and Cloud gaming.

PC Bangs

It is a core infrastructure for the Korean game industry. The platform offers high-end gaming PCs with an excellent internet connection. Casual games rank first as the leading video game type preferred by gamers. Gamers, including the popular League of Legends, often use PC bangs to play multiplayer games. The sales revenue of PC Bangs is approximately 2 trillion Korean won and is expected to grow more in the future. 

The company has created employment opportunities for 48.8K South Koreans.  It is incredible how PC Bangs has evolved from internet cafes to becoming an essential hub for professionals and casual gamers. The Real-time strategy won the position of the most played genre in PC bangs. A total of 70.5% of South Koreans play games via PC bangs.

Pro Gaming

Pro Gaming

Pro–gaming has a significant following in Korea, and top players earn big in competitions. Following the lucrative awards, many spend long hours practicing every day. After seeing the profits to invest heavily in sponsoring pro-gamers, the sector has attracted many technological companies. Some companies have financed the coaching of potential gamers to get numbers and revenue at the same time. 

The Korean government has also invested in pro-gaming by funding the world’s first e-sports stadium built in 2005. It formed the  Korea e-Sports Association to govern e-sports activities. Pro-gaming competitions bring about 500 gamers around the globe to win about $200,000 -$500,000.

Software Developers

The gambling industry relies on the professional skills of developers to provide an incredible gaming experience. Software providers offer high-quality graphics that give an authentic casino experience. Their services are included in creating a website to ensure it runs seamlessly on mobile phones and PCs.  Reliable providers in Korea have a duty to bring in a payment system to help gamers deposit and withdraw, winning at ease. Well-performing providers that serve the Korean market include Microgaming and NetEnt.

The top of Korean gambling is attributed to various factors such as programming, software developers, and excellent network connection infrastructure.

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