WhatsApp announced that it’s going to now not be offering help and general software program updates to the ones the use of the app on older gadgets.

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at the time, this directive covered a group of old Android and iOS running structures in addition to the previous Nokia S40, Nokia S60, BlackBerry 10 and all BlackBerry 7+ running structures. however, this became to appear in phases. As on the time of this writing, assist for devices the usage of older Android and iOS versions became discontinued in early 2017, but the FB-owned organization promised to do the identical for the ultimate operating systems from Nokia and BlackBerry by means of the quite of June.

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To be greater unique, WhatsApp becomes to stop assisting updates on Nokia S40, Nokia S60, and BlackBerry running structures as of June 30. however, there has been a mild change to this directive, a great deal to the delight of a number of folks that currently use telephones based totally on the said working structures.

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in keeping with a brand new report, WhatsApp will most effective stop guide for Nokia Symbian and S60 gadgets as from July 1 onwards, however, the ones using the Nokia S40, BlackBerry 7+, and BlackBerry 10 devices will maintain on receiving software program updates until the cease of this 12 months. This is good news for the ones nevertheless using these structures as they could have sufficient time to make the switch to a more modern platform or alternatively tool.

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BlackBerry is no longer handling hardware gadgets, rather, the organization has assigned its hardware duties to China’s TCL. The enterprise stated that it’ll no longer be producing smartphones which are primarily based on the brand new BlackBerry 10, rather, all of its destiny telephones might be primarily based on Android OS. We already have pretty a good variety of them, led via the latest BlackBerry KEYone and remaining 12 months’ DTEK60 and DTEK50.

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The story isn’t any one of a kind on the subject of Nokia, in which the OEM has moved to Android OS, with the marketplace already complete of Nokia three, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 gadgets and more expected to come in the months in advance. In quick, if you genuinely love Nokia and BlackBerry and your present day device is ready to face extinction, you still have a diffusion of devices to choose from.

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Be warned that the revised Nokia 3310 makes use of the S30+ OS, which isn’t supported by using WhatsApp, so don’t make a mistake of shifting onto this phone questioning that it’s a brand new version from Nokia and therefore it has to be well suited with the app – you’ll be dissatisfied.

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As at the time of this writing, the FB-owned organisation has now not yet updated its professional pages with this element, however, it gained be long earlier than it does. The data got here from a person at once accountable for the app – the co-founder and CEO Brian Acton.

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in the meantime, WhatsApp has these days showed that it has extra than 1.2 billion lively users across the globe and if you want to keep this massive circle of relatives satisfied, there are a number of recent functions that are set to come in. one of the maximum exciting ones is the potential to do not forget messages. In a replace in order to be rolled out soon, users of this app might be capable of unsending messages they send to their contacts by way of mistake, however, this should show up within 5 minutes of sending the message in question.

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when you receive WhatsApp version 2.17.30 and above, you need to be able to do not forget messages, be it text, audio, video, GIFs, images, documents, even quoted messages or even status replies. but if the 5mins window expires, the function will no longer be able to paintings. reputedly, iOS customers can also be able to experience the antique touch listing rather than seeing the new fame replace column.


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