Why is Video Marketing better for social media?

Video marketing is one of the best means to engage the audience for a longer time on an advertisement. As the viewer perceives the video, it allows them to understand the product and service better than any other means of advertising. 

None of the traditional forms of advertising are effective enough in today’s market; video marketing on social media could be your key promotion tactic. 

Social media is supposed to be something personal to an individual. Connecting with the audience can help you grow as a brand over social media and what better way than connecting to customers through videos.

In this era of constantly getting spammed by advertisers, viewers often cannot find some content worth watching. Therefore, finding a way to make your content eye-catching and engaging is the key to marketing on social media. Video content is one of the most eye-catching and is considered one of the best advertisement sources. 

Making videos that serve as eye candy to the viewer can be tricky at times. But having the right tools for the same can skyrocket your engagement and fit better than other promotional tools over social media.

Video contents are 40% more likely to be clicked on and shared by a customer than all text content.  Video content is considered the most engaging content over the internet. They grab a viewer’s attention in the first few seconds and form a different level of connection with the audience.

82% of online consumer internet traffic is consuming video content. This makes video content the easiest way to attain more conversions.

Why is video content important for social media marketing?

The importance of video marketing is increasing rapidly, especially in social media marketing. It has become one of the inseparable parts of social media marketing. Video content can derive tremendous results if used correctly, and the new generation is using it extensively. 

Following are some reasons why most marketers prefer video marketing for marketing over social media.

  • It helps you reach a new audience

People are looking to consume new content over social media. If the videos are created and marketed correctly, they can reach the right targeted audience and give out the best results. Research recently showed us that an average Gen Z spends over 3.5 hours a day watching videos over the internet.

It helps you reach a new audience
  • It builds trust better than any other tool over social media

Studies show that videos are 60% more trustworthy by an average viewer than photographic or textual content.

  • It is easier to target the right audience using a video

Social media nowadays is becoming more and more like search engines. It shows you the content you usually consume, and the videos suggest to you are primarily according to your interests. This way, social media does your work of targeting the audience for you.

 Types of video content for marketing over social media

  • Informational Video

These videos’ prime motive is to engage the audience in content that can provide them with some information and help them learn something new while promoting your goods and services. In addition, animated explainer videos are also a part of informational videos. Unlike images and articles, these videos are not dull and bind the viewers.

  • Corporate Video

These videos mainly target spreading the company’s vision and connecting with employees and customers. People relate better with video content, and videos raise a sense of belonging in a viewer’s mind making it the best tool for promotion.

Social media is the best place to connect to your target audience. By adding your corporate video to your company’s social media page, you tell your viewers what your brand stands for, your vision, and how you aim to achieve it.

  • Explainer videos

Explainer videos are continuously increasing in popularity. More and more brands are utilizing explainer videos to promote their brand. These videos give viewers detailed information about their brand and products/services. 

Posting explainer videos on your brands will help your viewers better understand your brand and product.

  • Product Video

These videos are generally a rough sketch of what the company offers. Creating an enticing aura around the products during these videos can encourage them to know more about the product and appeal to the product in their minds.

You can showcase your products on social media uniquely with product videos. 

  • Testimonial Video

These videos are the testimonies of the pre-existing customers of the product. These videos give the viewers a basic sketch of how the customers feel after using your product. Using heart-touching stories for testimonial advertisements can create a sense of connection in the viewer’s mind, which can be a great campaign all-in-all.

How is Video marketing better than other tools over social media?

More than 80% of businesses use video marketing tools, and 90% of marketers who use video content believe that it is the best source to derive conversions. However, video marketing is often underestimated and seen as a weak promotional method. 

If used correctly, video content can break all the charts of promotions. Of all the strategies in digital marketing, video marketing has a much broader chance to make the sale by making the customers believe that this is what they want, which is pretty hard to do using images or texts. 

The expected result can only be achieved when the content is designed with the right amount of spices and contains the right amount of sauce. Here’s how:

● The video should not be complicated and complex; it should be simple and practical at the same time. The viewer should not emphasize his mind too much to understand the content. It should be easily digestible. 

● It should make an emotional connection with the audience. People always tend to give in to feelings, and triggering the feeling is the best way to impact viewers.

● Make sure to follow the trend while creating and sharing the video on any social media platform. Keeping up with the trend is as necessary as finding the right content for the video. 

● Good storytelling can help the customers understand the product or service, which specifies the company’s style and taste. This is not possible on other kinds of marketing over social media, which gives video marketing an upper hand.

● Creating uniquely styled videos makes your company stand off from others. Having a key feature in every video infomercial can be an excellent tool for digital marketing.

Keeping all these points in mind, one can utilize video marketing to its fullest. People tend to watch videos with more interest than a piece of article or a photograph, so creating an on-point video is necessary. If the video is designed correctly, no other digital marketing can exceed the bars set by video marketing content.

Reasons why video content is more effective over social media

Reasons why video content is more effective over social media
  1. Attention-grabbing

Video contents grab the audience’s attention in the first few seconds itself. However, retaining the audience for a longer time allows you to feed the audience with all the information necessary to make them want your product or service.

  1. Conversion Driving

According to statistics, video marketing contents give out 130% more conversions than photographic content, which is exceptional. The quality of video defines the output. Having a great video campaign can lead to tremendous results.

  1. Track engagement

It is easier to track video content engagement, and looking at those, one can tell how effective video contents are. You can quickly see how many people interact with your videos daily on social media.

  1. Increases Brand Exposure

A video can spread like a forest fire over the internet; if correctly done, promotional videos can give results like never before. Creating unique and compelling content can make your brand viral within minutes. 

  1. Creates a brand image

Videos can leave a trace in the viewer’s mind making a distinctive brand image in their head. These little things turn out to be useful when someone thinks of service, and the first thing that comes to their mind is your brand name because your promotional video made that image in their mind.

There are several ways to go about marketing a brand or a product over social media, but using videos to propagate your brand is the best way to do so. Knowing the market and viewer psychology gives you an upper hand as well. There are several pros of creating video promotion content and hence is considered the best way of marketing over social media.


In conclusion, video marketing is the perfect means to spread your brand’s reach through social media. Not only can videos help you increase brand awareness, but they also generate leads, drive traffic, and increase sales. 

To use videos in your marketing strategy effectively, you must utilize social media platforms. Make your videos different and educational to stand out among the competition on social media.

Komal Kokate
Komal Kokate

Komal Kokate is the Co-Founder and CEO of MotionGility, an Explainer Video Company. With a keen eye for creativity, she is an expert in video marketing. While delivering high results to clients, she loves exploring the market and the latest marketing trends in the B2B industry. Connect with her on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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