Why You Should Engage In WhatsApp Beta Tester

Why You Should Engage In WhatsApp Beta Tester

Why You Should Engage In WhatsApp Beta Tester

Why You Should Engage In WhatsApp Beta Tester

WhatsApp Beta is a platform by which users of WhatsApp are giving the opportunity to test out features which will be Released by WhatsApp in a version yet to released.

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We all know that many features are been rolled out to WhatsApp all the time but we won’t expect WhatsApp to bring it out while it still in testing mode.
But yet, WhatsApp made it available for their users to enjoy those new features that are not yet available in the app the called WhatsApp Beta.

Why You engage in WhatsApp Beta may vary from user to users.
If you are the type that loves to make your phone look more attractive with attractive apps, you may fall into the category of people who will love to engage in WhatsApp Beta.

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How to Enroll in WhatsApp Beta.

When you search for WhatsApp Beta in Google Play Store, you will notice that you won’t be able to see it.

Don’t panic, WhatsApp wants to ensure that you truly want to participate in the WhatsApp Beta Testing Program.

All you have to do is to go to WhatsApp Official Website and click WhatsApp “BETA and follow the Guidelines.

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Once you click “Beta” it will take you to another page.
Click “BECOME A TESTER” and it will take you to a prompt page.
Follow all the due guidelines to get WhatsApp Beta installed on your Phone.

Benefits of Becoming a WhatsApp Tester.

You enjoy the unreleased version of WhatsApp.
You get latest Features that are yet to be released by WhatsApp.
You are ahead of your friends in the WhatsApp world.

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There are other many more features you won’t like to miss about WhatsApp Beta. Try it out.
Follow here to enroll in the program.

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